It's the 19th Ch. of Denma.

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Denma thinks Apple meetings take place under Silverquick's surveillance in an online game space using encrypted gaming terms. There're about 30 members of the Apple currently, making up about 1% of all Quanx contractors in Silverquick. And, each of them collect information about Silverquick piece by piece, to build an internal map of Silverquick's station 7. Quanx deliverers are frightened by the Silverquick's reign of terror. That's why there are only about 30 members of Apple. The only silver lining is those who depart every month with a load of cash upon the termination of their contract. But, that hope only applies to the dimwits who have nothing on their shoulders.

And Denma thinks a year, that means he has to break out of Silverquick in 6 months at the latest. Because he must return to Guyrin before it's too late. Just 6 months earlier, at the end of war with Big Four who're El's soldiers, Dike went to frequent bars after hearing that Jet was going to meet Aaron with his colleagues. He thinks that day only if he hadn't taken that drink on top of his battle fatigue.

Then Denma thinks this is that Apple have on Silverquick so far. Silverquick is a subsidiary of Pax Industries, a defense company. Defense companies are known to be linked to most Quanx abduction cases due to their desire to weaponize Quanx abilities. For example, Sten Industries is successfully built an anti-gravity bomb using an anti-gravity Quanx, and it became the No.1 defensive company in the 8th universe. Consequently, companies started investing huse sums of money on hunting Quanx. So much for the interspace mortals rights agreement. And Pax Industries is owned by Silverquick pseudo-religious organization, whose galactic size is beyond any imaginable scale. For example, Silverquick stations besides the station-7 Quanx deliverers are staying in, are much larger as they handle large to mega class commodities, more common in space logistics. Station-7 alone carries 2,500 Quanx deliverers on top of 3,500 mixed-sex regular deliverers and staff, totaling up to about 6,000 residents. But no matter how liberally Denma guesstimate the living areas of all workers plus the office and storage areas, more than 60% of the space is left unknown. The huge amount of garbage discharge certainly tells them there're more residents besides workers. As someone once said, they may be researchers from Pax's weapons R&D. Here, a tiny and extraneous noise that constantly blends in.

Crying Daddy's closest friends says to Denma and Jet that they killed Crying Daddy.

Characters Edit

  1. Denma
  2. Crying Daddy's closest friends
  3. Jet
  4. Amethystine eyes (debut)
  5. Ringed Baldhead (debut)
  6. Frog skin (debut)
  7. Eyebrow hair (debut)
  8. Gray skin (debut)
  9. Guyrin (debut)
  10. El (mention)
  11. Dike
  12. Big four (debut)
  13. Bald with a pattern on the forehead (debut)
  14. Yellow hair (debut)
  15. Aaron (mention)
  16. Some woman
  17. Anti-Gravity Quanx (mention)
  18. Crying Daddy (mention)

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Old English version's lines Edit

This is the old English version's lines


Denma: 'Use only gaming terms that we use as secret codes in the online gaming space. That's how we break through the Silverquick's surveillance. The Apple members are 30 in total, which is about 1% of the Quanx delivery man in Silverquick. Our aim is to escape from here. So, we share each other's information in order to make the plan of the zone 7 Silverquick. Usually, the Quanx here says...'

Frog skin: An escape? What for? This job is really good money. Just think that you're here for money.

Denma: '...But in fact, they have are furious at the themselves 'cause they were kidnapped and are being stuck in this restrictive situation.'

Pow Pow

Frog skin: Damn! What the hell are you!!

Denma: 'The number of Eves thrown out every month proves it. Once they witness their willful punishment for a violation of internal rules, everybody will consider an escape least once.'

Gray skin: Shoot! They treat us like pawns.

Denma: 'But soon, most of them break into pieces feeling helpless. That's why the number of members in the Apple is only 30 in total.'


Denma: 'Their only silver lining is to see those who leave Silverquick due to the termination of contract...'

A Deliverer: Put! When will that day come for me?

Another deliverer: It's frustrating but just spare yourself while beating up Eves.

Denma: 'But this is only for those who have nothing to take care of. A year... At the latest... I have to escape here in 6 months. Guyrin... I must go back to her asap, before it's too late.'


Huff Huff

Denma: 'At the end of the war with El's soldiers...'

Dyke: Now, only one left among the four warriors! Go tell "El!" We don't negotiate with a mad dog!

Bald with a pattern on the forehead: Hey Dyke! This job is tougher than you said it was!

Dyke: So?

Zet: So? 60/40 is not fair! We're thinking 80/20!

Dyke: 70/30! Let's go for a drink! It feels like my body is breaking into pieces.

Zet: You go first! We'll drop in on Aron!

Denma: 'That night... Only if I didn't drink or wasn't exhausted... This is what I heard about Silverquick from the other members of Apple. Silverquick is a subsidiary of Pax Industry, a defense company. Defense companies often abduct Quanx to develop weapons using Quanx's psychic powers. Actually, Sten Industry succeeded in developing an anti-gravity bomb using Quanx with anti gravity waves and became the No.1 defense company in space 8. Then, defense companies started to invest huge amounts of money to hunt Quanx, not giving a care about the agreement of human rights. It's so obvious why they're keeping us here. But why in a form of a home-delivery company? Not only that, Pax Industry is owned by a pseudo-religious group... Whose size is off-the-scale. Zone 7, that I belong to is not that big, but other zones of Silverquick for large size logistics are enormous, like other space home-delivery companies, in zone 7, there are 6,000 staff members, which are 2,500 Quanx deliverymen and ordinary administrative staff.'

Zet: I'll let you go on a date with me!

Denma: 'But considering the space that the entire staff uses for work and living, about 60@ of the earth still remains.'

Quanx deliveryman zone Ordinary deliveryman zone

Denma: 'Also, the amount of garbage tells us that there are more people on the earth. Who are they? As somebody said, they might be the research staff form Pax weapons development. A strange and tiny noise is heard all the time... Dyke! My real body... Is it somewhere in here as an experimental subject? What the hell are they doing to my body?'


Denma: Damn Silverquick bastards!

Pow Pow

Denma: Damn! Shall I vent my spite on Cell by beating her up like others do?


Denma: !

Zet: Hey, Dyke! The three suspects are online.

A Crying Daddy's closest friend: 'It's us...'

Another Crying Daddy's closest friend: 'Who killed...'

The other Crying Daddy's closest friend: '...Crying Daddy.'

Denma: 'What...?'

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