It's the 101st Ch. of Denma.

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Skull head says to mohawk that Edel gets sent to lord baron's as the new Guardian priest for Deva Nell. It was the head Deva's call. Edel was the one who was most surprised by the decision. Edel was screaming with joy inside, but he also had to face the awkwardness of the situation. No one knew that it all stemmed from the head Deva's vengefulness. At this time all of the Devas are changes short dresses and also the shape of the necklace changes. Asherah also sends chief priest to the Hussadin's mansion, located on the planet Bayeux.

Hussadin's butler tells the reps of Zedekiah brigade, the Caleb Brothers, and sir Hormah all asked about Baron Hussadin's return. Hussadin orders to his butler that call all except Hormah up for a business meeting, because Hormah turns everything into a train wreck.

The chief priest says to all Guardian priests that they're inside their Patron's private property, so make sure they never damage any of Patron's properties. And chief priest tells so use their brain and their skills and never cause any trouble with the Patron's side unless it's an absolute life-and-death situation for the Devas. And then he tells if they fail to comply, they will face Internal Investigations from the church body.

Everyone was on edge in the new, unfamiliar environment. Medical practitioners give immunizations to Devas and the priests who aren't Quanx. Because who don't knows what sort of various space diseases Baron Hussadin's business guests might carry.

Nell recalls. In recall, Asherah told Nell it's just another priestess duty in the Church of Madonna, and they need Patron's support because their brothers and sisters are starving. Baron Hussadin says to his butler that 3 Devas including her are virgin, so he should teach them before his guests come.

Characters Edit

  1. Skull head
  2. Mohawk
  3. Nell
  4. Asherah
  5. Edel
  6. Heimann
  7. Chief priest
  8. Baron Hussadin
  9. Hussadin's butler (debut)
  10. Reps of Zedekiah brigade (mention)
  11. Caleb Brothers (mention)
  12. Hormah (mention)
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