Cell (, Sel) is a character in Denma.

Summary[edit | edit source]

She's Denma's Eve. Also she has Quai.

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Her Avatar is green.

She looks like a rabbit. And her way of talking is like a cat.

She first mentioned in the A Dog of Pamana (2).

Biography[edit | edit source]

4 months ago[edit | edit source]

She comes to the planet Pamana on the request of Jinu on the planet Terra. She collects Denma's videos.

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In Captain Hardok, she delivers to Hardok on the planet Carlburn. She already promgrammed armed robots to malfunction in prison.

Cell's Avatar.png

Then she finds Hardok and asks him if he knows Hicks. And Denma exchange the gag with the package.

Denma says to her put him through the Avatar and complains about his circumstances. She connected to the Avatar again and she connects him to Hicks. Hicks says that he's one of the refugee children of the Turtle ship No,8956, from 17 years ago.

In Eve (episode), she explains Eve. She have seen, Eve's that serve unemotional and hard-nosed masters tend to look sharper while ones that serve warm-hearted and sentimental masters tend to look more round like her. But Cell's appearance does not match the personality of Denma. And Jet's Eve, Bon's look is round. From this point of view, this theory seems to be wrong. She isn't sure how exactly their size and shapes are reflected by attributes of thier masters, but their looks can vary as widely as their master's personalities. She wonders whether their height determined by their master's bragging.

In Eve Rachel (1), she's pleased to see Rachel.

Rachel gives Cell to her diary and smiles. And Rachel discarded by Marvic.

Rachel told Cell before herself was destroyed, Eve's masters don't know that they get disposed of once their contract is terminated. And Marvic was a kind and gracious man so she loves him. The discarded Rachel is burn to the incinerator, like the expired deliverer's Eve, which is also discarded, and the deliverers with dice. She look at them and smile and look at the diary. Because Yahwah yet didn't separate the Eve's expressive function of sorrow from joy.

In Blackout (6), When Denma bathing, he says he said he won't leave his room till his next departure. At this point, she points to his penis and says it's cute.

1 month ago[edit | edit source]

In Yael Road (1), she gives Denma to Adam Punching bag. Then she looks surprised at the cockroach and tries to catch it with a knife. And she finally catches the cockroach with a frying pan.

And she delivers to Yael on the planet Negev. When Denma lost consciousness while escaping from a collapsed building, she calls Yahwah. But Yahwah says he's sure Denma can survive this on his own. And looks like some valuable data will come out of this. Then, Denma says light up Yael's path and not to light up Denma's power nor his face.

She says to Denma that Silverquick manage Negev channel-3's 30% of the revenue. And when Denma does something crazy, she calls Edrei.

In Mandragora (1), Denma thinks she and Quai must be watching his every move.

Denma and she delivers to Sister Naomi on the planet Even.

When Denma finds out Naomi has disappeared, he says he and she take care of other packages first until they get the GPS tracking permit from Even police department.

In Savoy Gaal (5) and Pigear (8), Edel and Arcel arrives at the Carlburn where Denma and her is.

She and Arcel etc. saw Edel's mistake, Gaal's booster gun breaking Adam. Denma finds booster gun that Gaal missed. And he asks her to confirm that there's a craftswoman named Mirai Datsu in Carlburn.

20180319 163705.png

In (15) and 14. A.E. (3), Denma gets permission to get Yahwah to catching the Pentagons.

Then, she reports to Yahwah, he surprises all Adams are had to be the ones who were sent off to guard the rescue ship for supervisor Edrei. And he tells her to watch Denma as he sees the Denma mentioned Apple, even though he might be looking for his key to escape while using the Pentagon as an excuse. Denma and her Avatar are visits Hannah and finds out that she's burned. Denma gives her Avatar the slip.

Hannah's cream spaghetti.jpg

Hannah asks her, when she's preparing the cream pasta for dinner, ask if she has any chicken. Then Hannah makes chicken cream pasta. Denma, who is not feeling well, eats chicken cream pasta. She tells Hannah that Denma usually either eats only half of it, or flips the table. By the way, Cell now says that she've never seen Denma finish his plate ever since she started serving him. And she asks Hannah to help her prepare a few more meals.

Denma asks her to she escort Hannah back to the center after breakfast.

When Denma's body is terminates, she laughs after seeing the collapsed Denma. Because Eve didn't separate the expressive function of sorrow from joy.

In God's Lover (3), she's in recyclable room, the Eves who has lost his master after Denma has been terminated, and is going to be dragged by Dark brown mask and Gray skin. At this time, Denma appears.

Denma's memory after Yael Road was deleted. Jet says to Denma that he'll call him, and he pats her head. Denma receives a massage from a masseur. Denma asks how's the recipient at the congress buliding, and she answers, fortunately he survived alongside him. She thinks right now Denma's memory after the building collapse in planet Negev had been completely wiped out, and Yahwah told that she doesn't says anything funny.

Denma sees Quai holding itself and tells her to take it away. She says Quai must be happy to see Denma back as well. And she shows Denma's rescheduled routes, and she tells first one to deliver the Red package.

She tells to Denma that client is Dr. God and it's read Goad and according to the Bellarian pronounciation. And she tells before God died, his memory and consciousness were copied onto a device through the Artificial neurological cell procedure. Denma says how can she prove that the copied one is 100% same as the real one. She says God is in a satellite.

The Bellarian Space Defense, they says there's an abnormal power reading from the graveyard satellite, so they orders to Catfish 7 that they go find out. She says to God that they've increased their power output so his location doesn't get exposed while they approach. In Catfish 7, the soldier says to Denma that identify himself and his affiliations in the count of three, otherwise they'll fire right away.

She says to the soldier that their spaceship has suddenly broken down so they're scavenging for replacement parts. The soldiers says they confirmed their identification, and they record its coordinates just in case anything happens.

While God is eagerly explaining the story, Denma doesn't listening to it. She says every word is being recorded.

God says he saw a Neuro-scanning device in the back of Denma's head in a back of helmet and it was used during his Artificial neurological cell procedure. She looks at this conversation and notices something.

Yahwah contacted and tells her that, the distinguish humans from other creatures is that humans are ungrateful so they're a worthless species. And Yahwah says she told God's words to him is the good work, so he'll forgive her next time when she makes a fatal mistake.

As God talks, Denma asks her to ask for a dinner menu, and not like that and he want something like chicken cream spaghetti.

Denma and she sleeps. God wakes up he and she. And God asks please hand everything that he said that was recorded to the publisher that he mentioned along with the attached texts. At this point, Catfish 7 appears.

The soldier says to Denma that if he doesn't want to get shot down, get off the track in 10 minutes. She says they're heading out now. The spaceship leaves the track. Denma says he staying there for 2 hours listening to some nerd whining and he's hungry so she'll get him chicken cream spaghetti. Denma eats chicken cream spaghetti. Then Denma senses of deja vu about the chicken cream spaghetti, searches for Silverquick menus, and sees that he can't searches it, and wondered he definitely haven't had this before but why did he want to eat this, and how it's possible that he's craving for something that he's never had, and this is a body memory that he's unaware of and when and where it did start.

In A Catnap (170) - Ch.492, she thinks Denma looks for Hannah's chicken cream pasta again because it must be really tasty. At this time, she laughs suddenly, and on Quai's forehead, ? is written.

In 16. A.E. (1-4), Denma has a meal with her and Quai, but the food is awful, so he flips the table. She says she just followed the recipe and maybe Denma has been having the same food. Denma orders let him see that recipe. She shows recipe, and Denma copies and says he want the same food again when he's done with his next order so she'll does it right next time, and he's going to sleep now. In the bed, Denma thinks this recipe is she wouldn't have gotten this from a normal database because the numbers are different so that means this is from outside and the day this was written was when he was unconscious.

In Chapter 2 2. A.E. (2), Denma sees the El's mark in his hand. She sees Denma and recognizes the El's mark. Denma surprised that she knows the El's mark. She explains that current news of the universe eight is always updated through the church network, and El's mark is a brand of Count El who diminishes himself as the Little Emperor of the planet Urano, and when in fact he's the second most powerful man of this universe, and he brands this mark to the slaves on his planet. Denma angry and insists that the El's mark is the symbolizes the resistance of free people in Urano, and it's not some symbol of that pervert. Denma says he'll send her off to a waste disposal system as soon as they get back. But Denma asks why El is the second most powerful man in the universe eight. She answers that if Denma look at the revenue chart of the nobles in the universe eight, El isn't even in the top one hundred, but surprisingly, if he only look at the net profit, he ranks the second, so he's the real deal. She explains she doesn't know why El hides all this, maybe to avoid taxes, and he's spending quite a fortune to hide his profits. Denma asks what grounds she's saying all this. She answers that, they just estimated the revenue from going through the records of the trading volumes of the entire Silverquick distribution sector and they also traced back the cash flow, and the people can fool people easily, but the people can't fool the distribution flow. She says apparently, there has never been anyone whose business grew so fast in all of the universe eight in just 20 years. She explains there's a rumor that the reason El could be so successful was because of the Duke who's the father of Duke Gosan's support. Denma asks who's Gosan because he has never heard of that name before. She says there's the planet Aorica nearby.

Denma and Quai see Aorica. Denma sees a hologram and says Aorica used to look like this. She says the word is that the Duke was certain of his impending demise, and for Gosan who will be left all alone, he felt the need to make a strong impression throughout the entire universe so that no one would dare cross or defy his family and he needed a just cause to make a move, and the unfortunate incident with Deva gave him the opportunity. Denma asks how come he has never heard of this incident before. She answers that probably had something to do with how the U.C.S. and the Patron alliance reacted to all this. She says they after witnessing all the atrocities that took place on Aorica they felt scary to the terror, because it showed how far the Duke can go for the White Police Guards, and the firepower demonstrated by his private army was shocking to say the least, and it was more than enough to strike fear in the most powerful men in the universe eight, during his trial, had it not been for his alleged suicide, he would've been the center of attention around the entire universe just he wanted. At that time, the Duke have been private worshiped by Deva, and his poisoned corpse was found by Director of Pax Industries. She says after discussing the matter with the Patron alliance, the U.C.S. came to three decisions, first, any data spread across the universe eight regarding the planet Aorica, either direct or indirect, shall be deleted, and they say this was only possible because the planet was a safe haven, and they were worried about the influence that Aorica's precedent might have on the other terrorist cells, and should any record of the incident remain, they were certain that a planet-wise uprising will take place that exceeds what happened in the planet. Second, the White Police Guards is to be disbanded immediately, but then of course, those security details laundered their identity and scattered away long before the U.C.S. verdict, last but not least, they held young Gosan, the Duke's heir, responsible, and he's fined a ludicrous amount of money for what his father had done, apparently, they wanted to dismantle his family for good, and although it may seem it work, but more people than ever are lining up to make a connection with the Gosan family, and with his recent business expansion, he was able to pay off the fine in less than three years, and Duke Gosan grew up to be the most influential man in the universe eight just as the Duke wished, and after his father's death, he kept himself hidden for safety reasons, so no one knows what he looks like. She says although there're some nobles presumed to be Gosan, but it's a speculation at best, and there're even rumors going around that the real Gosan died years ago and the one they've right now is only his doubles, in short, only a handful of people know who he's. Denma thinks he doesn't like Gosan. Denma asks to her that how can a planet remain in that state for over twenty years, and is that possible.

She says currently, there're dozens of Quanx abilities delicately put together, which delicately form what appears to be a planet in front of them, and that is the proof that the White Police Guards which is the Duke left Gosan never disbanded, and rather, it still exists to this day. At this time, she thinks she feeding Denma too much information, but if she was, then Yahwah will terminate her. Denma asks to her that why did the White Police Guards have to shape the planet like that. She answers right before the attack, the Duke ordered the White Police Guards to build it like this. The Duke said if they're going to do this, they might as well make it look like the merchandise Aorican used to sell here, so that the later generations of the universe eight would know too. Denma asks so this place used to sell hourglasses or something. She answers but it's not an actual hourglass, and Aorican sold drugs called the Hourglass.


Aorica is shaped like an Hourglass.

Current time[edit | edit source]

Volume 8

In Kuan's Fridge (1), she informs Denma that they've arrived at the next destination is planet Moab.

Denma says the recipient make his orders so complicated, and he can't just hands over the goods and be done with it. She says Denma is passing through a slum and his safety is the most important. Denma says he grew up in a slum himself, and she does have against these poor folks anyway, and the really dangerous ones her should look out for are the middle-class snobs with bidets up their asses, and she can't give him that stereotyped nonsense, and she can't label them dangerous. At this time, three bullies aim guns to Denma and her Avatar. The one bully takes Kuan's Fridge Membership Card and says it seems some kinda security card. Another bully says that socket on the back of Denma's head looks really sturdy, and he shoots. Denma is falls. The other bully also shoots her Avatar.

She wakes Denma up, and informs the thief took all his clothes and even his goggles. Denma wakes up wearing only his boxer shorts. Denma's head hurts like hell, and he says these slum bastards never change, and they just shot him point blank at the back. She says Denma can wait just a few more minutes, and she'll send a ship for him. Denma says he has got a bad feeling about this assignment, and he just feels like they're in for a rough ride on this one.

At the night, Denma came back to the courier ship, but the pain kicking in now, he vomits blood, and he can't see too well. Edrei says the doc said it's temporary blindness caused by the shock, and Denma should be able to see again soon, and the bleeding is nothing and it's just some internal bleeding wouldn't kill him. She asks what about the package. At this time, Edrei intentionally makes a chh sound and says the police on Moab reported Denma has to definitely take responsibility, and he thinks an asteroid just passed him by the connection. Edrei hangs up the phone, and says he has got too much on his plate as it's and he hopes she can take care of this one for him. She says the connection is missing. Denma angry and asks what are they gonna do now.

She wears a space suit and goes directly to Denma with a gun. She says Article 3 Paragraph 2 of Silverquick regulations, "When a package is lost, visit the recipient in person and notify them first." Denma says he's blind but she's tries to take him there. She says they lost it, and it's their responsibility, and if the recipient files a complaint to the company, Denma had have to pay for the lost package. She says they're entering the slum area now, and she'll keep his safe, but she's shivering.

Jiro is shivering because he need drugs, and goes to his home. At this time, she says she's from Silverquick, and recipient's quick, precise, and secure intergalactic courier service. She says she's terribly sorry, they didn't expect an armed robbery. She says so they came here to tell Mr. Jiro they're deeply sorry in person. Jiro says he knows where that package is. Jiro calls to the dealer. The dealer says now's not the best time, and if it's about a new merch, he'll call Jiro in a bit, and he's with a customer right now. At the moment, Jiro returns a Kuan's Fridge Membership Card instantly by Partial Teleportation, and says it's repossession. She informs to Denma that they just found the stolen item. Jiro says she said this is a key to the old man Kuan's Fridge. She says this is what the sender wanted them to do, and first, deliver the key to Mr. Jiro, that's him.

She says they'll have to escort Jiro inside the Kuan's Fridge. At this time, Jiro goes to somewhere, and she and Denma are follow him. In the drug store, Jiro says he needs drugs now. The drug dealer orders to Jiro that hit his head on the ground until he get the meds, and he'd better say he's sorry to his friend over here. The drug dealer says his colleague make sure Jiro doesn't take his head off the ground. Jiro sorry to the drug dealer's colleague that he didn't mean to push him like that, and he can forgive him. Denma asks to her that what's going on here. The drug dealer brings the meds, but he says the money first. Jiro says he'll get the drug dealer the money first thing tomorrow. The drug dealer says that ain't his problem, no money no drugs, and Jiro knows how it's, so he should bring him the money first. Jiro begs the drug dealer to he'll do anything he want right now, so give him the drugs. The drug dealer says he'd to go to the bathroom underground for Jiro's drugs, and he got his shoes all dirty, so he orders that he lick them clean, then.

Jiro licks the drug dealer's shoes. She says to Denma that this could get ugly so he can go to this way. The drug dealer says now Jiro can go and get the money. The drug dealer's colleague says that's enough. and he has made his point, so he just give it to Jiro already because he says he'll bring the money tomorrow. The drug dealer rejects, because they can't make any exceptions and if they cut them some slack even once, they'll just show up empty-handed and hassle them over and over again. Jiro delivers an uppercut to the drug dealer, and tries to bring drugs. The drug dealer catches the drugs quickly and throws them in a coal fire, and says that he's cutting Jiro off. Jiro puts his hand in the coal fire and pulls out drugs. Denma says to her that they're having a barbecue over there. Jiro hits the dealer and his colleague with a steel pipe. Denma asks to her that they should call the police. She answers they're more likely to arrest Jiro, not them. Denma asks Jiro is a junkie. She answers Jiro seems highly addicted. Denma says Jiro is a junkie Quanx. Jiro shouts the drug dealer may cut him off but he'll never quit.

In the container, after Jiro was drugged, she treats him. She says their client requested them to help Jiro retrieve the items in the Kuan's Fridge, which have been seized from he and his family. Jiro says the repossession team take away everything clean every two or three years, and he asks who's this client of Silverquick gave him the key. She answers his name is Mr. Holmes, and he's an official in the local government in planet Moab, he says he goes way back with Jiro's father. She asks is Jiro's father failed in his business ventures. Jiro answers that all the time. She says Mr. Holmes also added that Silverquick explain to Jiro everything clearly, so he won't get confused, she's sure he heard about 'The 10,000 Youth Entrepreneur Training Project', the government in the Moab picked out candidates for this project and vouched for them, they borrowed funds from the bank to get it started, but as the recession prolonged funds from the bank, ended up becoming the debt of the individual applicants, angered by the government's attitude that avoided responsibility, the bank made contracts with private institutions to get the principal plus interest back from them, the story goes they were notorious for being ruthless in their so-called collection, once the repossession team cleaned up the place, there was literally nothing left behind, but Holmes heard their attempts with all this foreclosure didn't help much in retrieving their funds back, they had to spend a fortune just to auction off the seized goods, so most of the seized items except valuables like jewelry went straight to the grinder, the foreclosure was nothing more than a way to make their point, the client, who knew this all too well, wanted to protect his friend's family at least, so using his position inside the government, he persuaded the repo team to have Mr. Kuan to take care of the seized items, and twenty something years passed, the economy recovered slowly but steadily, ruthless foreclosure practices of those repo team were finally put to an end just recently after a long trial in court, along with a verdict that those seized items were to be returned to the original owners, and the government, who vouched for those initial applicants, were ordered to retrieve the bank's money on behalf of those applicants, with means other than foreclosure, so at this point when the new law is yet to take effect, their client wanted him to take back whatever he need from the seized items. Jiro says there's nothing worth reclaiming among those seized items, and not a thing is worth squat, and his family couldn't afford anything valuable, not then, not ever, so they just take him home.

Denma says he likes Jiro's style so she just hurry up and get him to sign. She says Jiro can sign here. Jiro says he changed his mind, so let's go check it out. Denma tries curse to Jiro. The container arrives at near Kuan's Fridge. Jiro wears Quanx deliverer's outfit. She says the outfit can stretch to fit any body type, so go ahead and try it on. He says after they're done Kuan's Fridge's work, Jiro can throw the outfit away. Denma says he's practically blind but she wants him to going out the container, so she's heartless. She says if she took part in this mission as well, Yahwah will be punish to her, so instead she'll do her best to him, so her Avatar goes to there. Denma grips Jiro's back, but he angry and says he doesn't touches him and shut up because he's driving him insane. Denma angry and says it seems that Jiro went coocoo with all the drugs in his system. Jiro shouts Denma is blind so he can go back inside and take a nap because he annoys him. Denma thanks because Jiro read his mind, and he orders to her that their client demanded that he take a freaking nap, so he's going back inside. She and Jiro see someone and they're surprised. The horse men are see them.

Moab's Hyper-Quanx says he can't stop, and if he can't open it, nobody can and he's the best Hyper-Quanx Sumai's henchman find on Moab and when he can't do it, he can't. The round drone on the top of Sumai's henchman's head flies and shoots a laser on Moab's Hyper-Quanx's back of the head. Sumai's henchman says Moab's Hyper-Quanx just stop if it's so hard, and he can't open it anyway, and all it takes is one shot to kill him like any other Hyper-Quanxs. At this time, the horse men catch Jiro and Denma and arrive. She says they're from Silverquick, and they're here to reclaim their client's seized possessions inside the fridge. Sumai's henchman catches her Avatar and says that isn't some household appliance, and even a Hyper-Quanx can't open it, and probably another Quanx scrubs who wanna show off their cheap tricks, and do try and just know that if they fail, they'll end up with a hole in their head like Moab's Hyper-Quanx. Jiro opens Kuan's Fridge.

Ian sees the Kuan's Fridge and orders to Alpha squad that they just secure their key first, and put them all inside the fridge and close it right away, and once the police retrieved the key, make sure he get out of there stat, and he use the key to get in and out of the fridge just like she told him, and in the meantime, have the other squad members open the fridge door again. All the rest go into the fridge, and they see heads. Denma picks up a head, and throws it. She says the inside is totally different from its exterior shape. Mustache says it's an object Quanx with several spaces on the inside and this is way bigger than he expected. Ian orders to police tactical team that they close the door. At this time, her Avatar's communication is cuts off.

Denma holds to her Avatar and orders that she just answer him. Mustache says even the network went down when Kuan's Fridge closed.

When Jiro looking for correct boxes, Denma floats a hologram and thinks that it's still offline, and if the phone was working, she would've called him hours ago, and this is frustrating, but more importantly, how did Eve end up in Kuan's Fridge, and it's hard to tell what happened just by touching it, and if it was just a simple accident during delivery, she would've mentioned it before he came down in the fridge.

She calls and reports to Yahwah. Yahwah asks how about the rest of their cargos. She answers there were none, and this was the last package before they head back. Yahwah orders he'll send some Supervisors over there, and she give him update. When Yahwah hangs up the phone, she thinks sending in Supervisors was unexpected, and it's a relief, and now let's go find Denma.

Volume 9

The two supervisors see the underground strata and say that there must've been something here and this is a pickle. In the ship, another two supervisors say that she did say Denma and Jiro are inside an object Quanx so a Quantum communication could get disconnected. The two supervisors teleport and say that they can't find Denma and Jiro, and this is beyond the supervisors' capabilities here, right now, they need a Quanx who can read the spatial memory. At this time, Blue skull 13 calls and shouts that it's emergency so everyone return back to base immediately and turn off the auto-pilot, and they must drive manually under the Space Transit Bureau's instruction, and there's a problem with the space route control system hardware, and the space route values of Silverquick got formatted somehow, and their ships are cursing with ships from Goldwing in similar routes, so it's chaos out there. The supervisor says they're heading over to the headquarter right now. The supervisor says to she and Quai that he thinks she should come with them for now. She asks that then what about Master Denma.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Appearances in Other Media[edit | edit source]

Yo! Villains[edit | edit source]


In Yo! Villains, Cell is a NPC.

Denma with NAVER WEBTOON[edit | edit source]







Screenshot 2017-04-13-15-38-14.jpg

Default skin (Lv 1, 1 star ~ Lv 15, 3 stars)


Screenshot 2017-06-09-14-02-45.jpg

Growth skin (Lv 1, 4 stars ~ Lv 30, 4 stars)

Light attribute

Vitality 11595
Damage 370
Critical Damage 130%

Lv 30, 4 stars

Icon Level Name Cooldown Description
Three strokes.png 4 Three strokes Passive A powerful attack, after basic attack every 3 times.
Shield.png 4 Shield 8' The character gives a shield that is proportional to the vitality of the allied character with the lowest remaining vitality.
Nya-Ha-Nyang!.png 4 Nya-Ha-Nyang! 5' Restores the ally with the lowest vitality left, and nearby ally.
  • Character Description

Denma's Eve. Customized android with 1: 1 support for Silverquick deliverer. She hates cockroaches very much.

In Denma with NAVER WEBTOON, Cell is a playable character.

Densinma with NAVER WEBTOON[edit | edit source]


Level: 1/1260

Power Up Level: 0/7

Hero: Denma

Level Up of Attribute
Basic HP increase: 109
Basic attack increase: 58
Basic defense increase: 79
  • Strengthening Attributes

1Lv: Ground+2 Water+1 Light+2[Hero's critical damage +500]

2Lv: Fire+4 Ground+3 Water+1 Light+4[Hero's invincibleness +500]

3Lv: Fire+8 Ground+5 Water+2 Light+6[Hero's attack +10%]

4Lv: Fire+14 Ground+8 Water+5 Light+7[Hero's defense +10%]

5Lv: Fire+21 Ground+12 Water+8 Light+8[Hero's critical effect +50%]

6Lv: Fire+32 Ground+16 Water+8 Light+10[Hero's HP +15%]

7Lv: Fire+41 Ground+23 Water+8 Light+13[Combo+10%]

In Densinma with NAVER WEBTOON, Cell is a treasure.

20190402 160415.jpg

In original version, at April 2, 2019, Denma, Quai, she appeared with an advertisement of Densinma with NAVER WEBTOON. Denma plays a game, and it sounds 'Bang Bang Bang' like Passionate Banging. Denma said, "I'll escape low level!", and Quai's forehead, 何 (what) is written and she said "Nyah-Hang! Cell and Quai don't play with the low level!"

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The word Cell refers to the English Cell. Because Bon refers to the English Bone.
  • The figures of Denma, Quai, Cell, Cell's Avatar were released by GNFTOY on 27 November 2015. link (Korean) These products can't be purchased in 2018.
  • Denma often calls her "Oi, Cell!" or "Hey, Cell!"


20150901 83.png

  • On December 24, 2013, in the advertisement, her Avatar comes out.


  • She appeared with other Denma characters in the air safety video produced by collaboration with Naver Webtoon in Air Seoul.

20150706 185233.jpg

119874 PC.jpg

  • On April 1, 2018, the thumbnails of all Naver Webtoons have changed in South Korea as part of the April Fools' Day event. Her Avatar changed this way.
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