Cain (카인, Kain) is a character in Denma.

Summary Edit

He's El's son.

His nose looks like a penis, and also El's mask's nose looks like a penis. Also a penis nose on El's silhouette looks.

His neck hangs something like a black earphone.

He hates Hazz.

His men are Federick, Marvin and Ayn.

He despises El, but he's known to be very loving of him, some might say he loves him too much.

Biography Edit

1 month ago Edit

In Chapter 2 2. A.E. (9), Hazz angry and shouts Marvin did the M&A to the Sten Industries and Gold Wing approved without his consent, so he trying to ruin everything the El family worked for, and he does something around their young master. He says he ordered Marvin to do that and the longer the El family drag this out, the only thing they're getting is more flies, and if he think about the cost it'd take to get rid of all those nuisances, and it's cheaper this way, and that's what Hazz taught him so don't put this on him. Hazz says when the business index gets out and the Gosans find out about it, and they might take it the wrong way. He angry and shouts Hazz should shut up about Gosan, and the El family to bow down to the Gosan family and they're so great because they blew up a planet but they don't have to be scared of them for it, and this M&A got them enough firepower to fight them. He says Hazz should be grateful for his father, and if it weren't for him, he would've fired him ages ago after he take everything he stole from them behind the El family's backs. Hazz says all he ever did was for his father, Count El. He says Hazz just used El, cause he was so indecisive, and he only cared about his own gain, and he know what he has been doing around here. El who's lying in bed and get an IV with taken off his mask, sees this to the screen, and he orders Lot to go bring them over here. Lot brings Hazz, Federick, him. El calls him to Cain, and he says he should say he's sorry to uncle Hazz, right now. He rejects this and he asks since when was Hazz his uncle. He shouts El should snap out of it, and Hazz is been using him from day one. El orders Lot to beat some sense into him. Lot beats him. Federick and Hazz try to stop from Lot kicking him. El says he's watching everyone who's under his care shall not act out without his permission, and mark his words, and his decision is his decision.

Outside, he orders to Marvin that from now on, he don't report anything about the merger to Hazz anymore, because he's the one in charge, and he let him know as soon as he so much as look at him funny. He calls Hazz is greedy fat pig. El apologizes Hazz on behalf of him because he's still an immature spoiled child. But Hazz says he's doing exactly as he expected, and his decision on the merger was actually commendable.

Federick calls to Lot because they need to talk. Federick angry and says how dare Lot lay a finger on him, let alone, right in front of the Count. Lot says El told him to teach him some manners so he did.

Kitten asks what about the terrorist attack on El. The Director of Pax Industries answers he's known to be very loving of El, some might say he loves him too much, so he knew what was going on, but he couldn't officially say anything against his decision to get involved in the management of Sten Industries, so he pretty sure he was behind the terrorist attack himself to make a justifiable cause for this M&A.

At the evening, he, who's in the small bath, he orders to Federick that he can leave now and come to work after lunch tomorrow. Guyrin who's wearing a dress, and in the big bath, and she massages to his shoulders. There're candles in the big bath. He says El is a holding him back, and he's indecisive and weak and all he knows is how to harass women, and he has never once seen him decide on anything with his judgement. At this time, Hazz taps his words. He says although it may not look like it, but El is just a puppet of Hazz, and he doesn't know how he pulls the strings and gets away with it. He orders to Guyrin that that's enough and she can come join him in here. Hazz turns off the hologram and thinks he said El is indecisive and weak and he has no idea what kind of he really is. The candles are go out, and he embraces Guyrin. Perhaps he and Guyrin seem to have a sexual intercourse. He says Guyrin is his and nobody else but him can have her. Cain asks what do Guyrin think of El. Guyrin thinks something, and answers she can see why he might think El is indecisive and weak. He surprised to this words. At that time, Guyrin's line rings. El says he can send Lot to get Guyrin. Guyrin says that's okay and she's nearby and she'll be right there after she take her shower. Meantime, he hides in the water and swears at El. It seems that he secretly meet Guyrin.

Current time Edit

In Kuan's Fridge (77), Marvin says to Hazz that so he knew. Hazz says Marvin think he's stupid, and he asks how many times the church did meet so far, counting this one. Marvin answers that the church meet them three times so far. Hazz says that the church knew he'd be too stubborn to listen, so they went straight to him. Hazz orders Marvin should tap everything those pseudo religious bastards and him talk over the phone and report them all back to him. Marvin says he expressly told him not to mention anything about the meeting with the church, and Master Hazz need to understand his situation. Hazz says who's giving Marvin's paycheck again. Marvin bows to Hazz and says that he'll report every single word to him.

Volume 9

In (78), he meets two staffs of Church of Madonna. He says he hate it when people beat around the bush like that, and he asks so what it's that the church want from him exactly. The other staff of the church says as they were saying it looks like they've run into an impasse with the Gosan's in terms of managing the church business so they were looking for a new partner, and the news of them joining hands with the Gosan family's got out, which attracted a lot of nobles who expected a high profit, so they joined their church as new Patrons, and they saw it as an opportunity to like up with them, however, there were no immediate gains. The other staff of the church explains that, rather, the nobles were left with debts after faulty investment offers, and if they showed any signs of protest, they'd to deal with the White Police Guards, and after Gosan robbed them of everything, they quit the church, and they shared their stories of how they were wronged, on top of that, groundless slanders and rumors about the church body began to spread, some parishes even closed down recently. Marvin writes this content. He asks what they does get in return if they become the church's new partner. The other staff of the church answers the church can make mutual profits through multiple joint business ventures. He says they already have more mutual profits enough, and the church is the ones who're desperate here, and they should've brought something that he'd actually be interested, and this is exactly why people call them pseudo-religion, because of they and their cheap business practices, and not to mention the cheek to send nobodies like them, it's unacceptable, and they might not have noticed, but he has given them three chances, from now on, their bishop had better bring himself over here if he wants to negotiate with them, and that's all he'd to say. He orders Marvin to get the staffs of the church out of his sight and he cross off this meeting from his schedule as well. In the baths, Marvin reports to Hazz that this is what he said, and he was right there, so he really didn't need to tap anything. In a bathtub, Hazz sees a hologram. Hazz thinks the church and the Devarim are reaching out to them at the same time, and it's funny, and seeing as it was his personal curiosity that led to such an unexpected turn of events, and it'll it come to a point where he has to decide one of the two.

The Head Bishop's secretary shows a hologram and reports to her that actually, according to their men who recently visited the El's, they seemed quiet upset, and they went on to say the Bishop had better come in person for any deal to be struck. The Head Bishop says the fact the El family met them three times personally even when they only sent a bunch of nobodies, they must need them as well, and they probably got irritated by their attitude too, in fact, turning the unpleasant initial impression into a pleasant one, rather than the other way around would help them get a better deal with their emotional ups and downs, it's time for her to step in, and she'll clearly let them know what they want from the El's, and arrange a meeting with them as soon as possible.

El calls Hazz and says he seem to be in a rush, and it's not like him. Hazz says he's just taking the chance as always, and he told him that they should wait for the right time. El says he doesn't know and it just feels like everything's happening so fast, water was bound to overflow out of the glass sooner or later. Hazz says if the nobles of the universe eight find out that the Devarims with their foresight came to here, and not the Gosan's. El says Hazz is right, when the nobles find out, he's sure. El worries that about his son, he heard that he's been in contract with the church recently, if there's one thing he knows about the church, it's that they're too ruthless, how could they do such a thing, the Space disease was their doing, and it doesn't end there.

The Head Bishop's secretary calls to him. He says the day after tomorrow is fine so let's do that, but he's not so happy with how disrespectful the church has been to them, so they don't expect any sort of welcome party. At this time, the Head Bishop's secretary sees his nose, and she's blushed. Marvin asks him that the Bishop of the church is going to come here personally. He answers that finally, the church came to their senses, and he told them they won't talk unless they send a bishop their way, so, he hears those Devarim bums are here right now. Next to Marvin, there's Ayn. Marvin says the Count decided to take the Devarims in. He says Marvin's word means Hazz, not his dad, and he asks to him that the church don't people hate Devarims. Marvin answers that according to their sources here and there, they'll get in the way of the church's long-term plan. He asks why did Hazz who acts as if that pig owns this place not join hands with the church and protect the Devarims. Marvin says Master Hazz is trying to use the Devarims politically, and he's going to let all the nobles in the universe know that them with their foresight chose the El's over the Gosan's. He says that could work in their favor, and he asks that so, what about buying off the White Police Guards from Gosan's. Mavrin answers that for the lack of a better word, masterful, to change their master just like that, he's telling him that Master Hazz is really amazing. He gets his back up and orders that Marvin don't ever compliment Hazz again in his presence, and he asks that what made him change his mind like that, because he always dragged him down, 'cause he's always two steps forward than him. Marvin says he knows it's hard to believe, but it had something to do with the church's plan that the Devarim head had foreseen. Marvin whispers to him that Space disease and something. He's surprised and says if that's true he knew it, he was right all along, and the church is too dangerous to make enemies with, no matter what happens between them and Hazz, they must join hands with them. Marvin asks to him that but it wouldn't go against his father's wish to protect the Devarims. He says Marvin is idiot, and if he's wrong, why would those Devarims who're supposed to be all-knowing come to them, so he should prepare the welcome party for the Head Bishop right now.

Marvin says whatever trouble Master Hazz might have with him, he looked dead set on accepting the offer from the church. Hazz asks that the accident is really a simple system error. He calls to the Head Bishop's secretary and says that he's sure it's just an accident, and he knows there's no reason for the church to cause this intentionally, just like how they're not stupid enough to wreck their own ships and blame someone else, and there's no rush, and let's work this out, but here's the thing if this turns out to be Gosan's petty vendetta, they won't just sit still and watch, it has nothing to do with where the church stands, but in the end, they'll be the collateral damage, one thing's for sure, if they find out Gosan is responsible for all this crap in their turf, he'll make sure they bring him to justice, which will go down in the history of the universe eight. At this time, Federick teleports and calls to him.

He sees two of El's Five Fingers' dead bodies, who're killed by surprise, and he pray for the repose of their soul with Hazz, Mori, Lot, Gaya, and Federick. He asks to Federick that Gosan's lap dogs who trespassed on his backyard did this. Federick answers that they got there as quickly as they could, but they were too late. He says Hazz bought off the White Police Guards without having a single word with him, and he brought those maniacs right into his front yard. Hazz says he has no excuses, and he should've been more careful, and he just didn't expect Gosan to react this emotionally. He says what if the Gosan family weren't after the Devarims, and what if they were after El or him, and he doesn't give a shit about them, and he's busy keeping his pockets full. Hazz says it's not. He angry and shouts that these corpses are proof that Hazz is just a greedy pig, and he's ungrateful, despicable bastard, and they took him in when he was starving on the streets, and now he thinks he own the place, and he knows what his little angle was when he let those Devarim bums in their house. Lot angry and says that he should stop whining, but Federick covers his mouth. He shouts that Hazz wanted to put them in harm's way, just so he can take over this family all by himself when they're gone, and just how stupid does he think he and El, so he's damn hypocrite, and he doesn't even wanna see his face, so he should get the hell out, and he's fed up with him, and as for those White Police Guards and the Devarims send them back to the Gosan's where they belong. Hazz says he's afraid he can't do that, because he's gonna sell the Devarims to the church.

He shouts that Hazz isn't fooling anymore. Hazz says just a moment, and he calls to Lot that he said he just met Duke Gosan in person. He angry and grabs Hazz by the collar and shout that he's talking to him, now he's ignoring him right in front of his face. Hazz says he has always been and always will be on his side, but this is an emergency, the clock is ticking as they speak, Lot says he brings a message from the Gosan family, so he may calm down and let's hear him out first. Lot says he doesn't know that's a little, he'll tell Hazz everything that happened there, and he won't leave out any detail. Hazz says what they need to know isn't just the message itself, but also the exact nuance as well, that's the only way they can plan their next move. Lot says to Mori that he should skip his private memories and the part where he got his ass kicked at Gosan's property, if he get a pay cut because of this, he'll make up for it. Mori sends Lot's memory to he and Hazz through his hair. Aaron calls to Marvin. Aaron sees some Kuan's Fridge's keys, and thinks that this will do. Aaron asks to Marvin and Ayn that he need to deliver something to him so he can request his audience. He smiles and thinks that now he sees Gosan was just a dumb.

He says to Hazz that they teach that kid Gosan a lesson on what happens when he messes with them, and he said it himself, and they're gonna have a war orientation. Hazz says what he meant was they should prepare for the possible outcomes of his provocation, not start an actual war. He shouts that Hazz is pissing him off, then why he did buy the White Police Guards in the first place, and that spoiled little brat got pissed off and went apeshit in his own front yard. Hazz says there's a critical weakness in the scheme that Gosan and the church body has planned out on universe eight, and in order to use that in their favor, they also need the appropriate amount of forces to counter that, of course, he never expected him to react in such a crude manner, judging by the nuance of his words or the circumstances he doesn't think he was being theatrical either, this is a perfect chance for them, if they start the orientation for their guards, with the funeral of the two members who got killed by Gosan's men, he'll gain their loyalty and it'll bring them together all at once. He angry and shouts that that's what he's saying, and they should use that momentum and attack Gosan right now. Hazz says that would be reckless because new White Police Guards aren't like old White Police Guards, and they're young and ready to fight, to fight them, they need some time to reorganize their forces, of course, even when they're fully ready, armed conflict would be a loss for both families, White Police Guards fighting one another, that's something they should avoid at all costs, and there will be nobilities in the universe eight who'll secretly welcome the conflict between the two families, they'll instigate them to fight, they shouldn't be swayed by them, at the same time, they should be aware of the fear, which the Gosan's White Police Guards have made an impression on their business partners. He shouts and asks that, is it get slapped on the right cheek and turn the other cheek to the Gosan's as well is Hazz's plan. Hazz answers that it's a just cause that will give them the support they need. Hazz says that for now, they get the council engaged in the matter to calm Gosan down, put him under their observation, thus preventing him from provoking them any further, when he can't take any action, he'll pressure his former business partners who're now their allies, with his new White Police Guards, that's when they step in, they'll be the knights in shiny armors who'll come rescue those nobles from him, as they label him as the lunatic and the public enemy on universe eight, pressuring him to his doom, and at the same time, they make friends with the real lunatics, the church, they'll become the new partner of the church body, this conflict with the Gosan's, it'll help them get a better deal with the church, by handing over the Devarims to them, who're a huge pain in their asses, it'll show them their will for sure. At this time, Marvin calls to him that the head of the Devarims wishes to speak with him.

He says that's all right, and Marvin should send the head of the Devarims over now. He says the Devarims probably know here's about to sell them over to the church, and Hazz has no words. He says joining hands with the church was his idea in the first place, and he'd that idea even before he knew what the Devarims were up to, so Hazz doesn't talk as if he planned it all along, and he doesn't buy it and he decide what to does after the orientation, not him, and his job is to support and perfect his plan in front of El, not find fault with it, and now he should go get the funeral ready and handle this courier ship crisis. Hazz says everything he does, and he does for the interest of here, and he looks forward to his wise decision, the one that he expect from the successor of universe eight's new master. He says Hazz, the pompous little prick doesn't worry about him, and he should worry about a better name for the their new guards and now get out of his sight and get to work. Hazz closes the door and leans heavily against the wall and calls to Marvin who's runs to somewhere. Hazz orders that before Marvin leave office today, he wants him to report to him every single word that went between the head of the Devarims and him. Aaron meets he and Marvin, and he gives him to a key. Aaron says it's a token of appreciation, if he'll, for taking the Devarims in, and it's one of the keys to Kuan's Fridge, an object Quanx in planet Moab. He asks to Aaron that why exactly he's giving the key to him.

Aaron says he can forgive his curiosity, and asks that does here not have "The box of immorality" that has been handed down for generations. He says the box of immorality is just a made-up hokum, those filthy middle class folks really need to get a life. Aaron suddenly kneels and says in all those years of managing here, Hazz made sure the Young Master didn't get his hands dirty, and this is the moment he witness his vision firsthand, he truly is a remarkable man. He angry and shouts to Aaron that if he's gonna praise that bastard in front of him, he should get out now. Aaron says any noble family running a renowned business in this universe is bond to have a box of immorality of their own, it's a place where they deal with conspiracies, conflicts, and betrayal that might arise during business, and a place where they can get rid of anything troublesome without a trace, ever since the Space Patrol started hiring Quanx agents, the nobles needed a safer box of immorality, and they began using object Quanxs for this. He grabs Aaron by the collar, and says they provided him with a shelter, and that wasn't enough for him, and he'd dare try to bite their throats, and he sees where this is going, and he's trying to get him involved with that box of immorality or whatever, and use it as a leverage against them, and that's not gonna happen, and this isn't the first time he has met hustlers like him. Aaron says the peace and order of this universe isn't the Devarims concern, and the force that drives this universe is imbalance, there can be no such thing as equality, and the only thing that drives them is their own survival and wellbeing, and it's true they foresee the future, which is why they chose here as their refuge, like he said, that key is by no means anything other than a token of their gratitude. Marvin sees this. He throws Aaron and says that he foresaw the future and chose here, and he asks that does he even know what's gonna happen to him. Aaron says that's right and he's well aware, and Mr. Hazz will hand the Devarims over to the church body, but they return here again. He says to Aaron that he'll take the gift, then he has a few questions for him.

He says to Aaron that but he said the future is already fixed, then what's there to choose, and he asks that it'll go against the causality, and he thought a butterfly's flapping can cause a tornado and whatnot. Aaron explains that, here's let's suppose this palm is a universe, the members of this universe have a so-called free will and live on with their busy lives, and let's say they've to go from the bottom of the palm to the end of the fingertip to ensure more comfortable lives, some of them will be lucky enough to achieve their goal without much difficulty at the crossroads of choices, others will take a detour and give up exhausted, or even fall out of the palm for good, in order to reach the fingertip, the Devarims always have to make choices, that's the fate of the beings on the palm just like them, if there's a greater over them, just as how humans look at ants on their palm, what would the journey to the fingertip be like to him, for the greater being, the journey to here will be finished the moment it starts, whereas the little ones still have a long way left to go. Aaron says that in this sense, this universe has already ended the moment it started, and they're just busy chasing after that course of actions in their own timelines, the greater being, this is the predetermined future, this is what Devarims see in their dreams, abiding by the causality means to make choices that will ensure their survival, within that predetermined future, the El family becoming the new master of the universe eight, that's the future Devarims saw. Cain asks to Aaron that is he saying that whatever decisions he makes the El family's future won't change. Aaron answers that to be exact, every decision Cain makes is within the causality of the El family becoming the new master of this universe. Cain asks that even when the decision is to hunt down the bastard who shat all over his front porch, and teach him a lesson. Aaron answers that that's right, and if it's carried out, that action will be within the causality, once inside an object Quanx like Kuan's Fridge, it even blocks the Quantum communication, once the door is shut, no Hyper-Quanx can teleport in or out. Marvin watches this. Cain says that he'll be dammed, and he says to Aaron that he'll be honest with him, and he actually like this plan of Hazz's, to hand him over to the church, he means, now he'll make him a promise, if the El family get what they want from this deal with the church, he promise him he'll get him all back here, whatever it takes, and thanks for the gift.

Marvin lies to Hazz that Aaron only just said thanks and nothing more. Hazz asks to Marvin that didn't Aaron does request or proposal of any kind to him and he asks that is it right when he just said thank him and that was it. Marvin answers that Aaron said he couldn't thank him earlier. Hazz asks that did he tell Marvin to keep him in the dark. Marvin bends his waist forward to Hazz and says that he can get Mori in here and check his memories if he'd like, here go ahead. Hazz hit to middle of Marvin's head.

A person calls the Director of Pax Industries on the telephone. The Director of Pax Industries hangs up. The person calls Mayhen on the telephone. Marvin communicates a message to Mayhen. Mayhen opens door and says to the Director of Pax Industries that an urgent message from the El's. The Director of Pax Industries lights up a cigarette. Mayhen says that the orientation for the old White Police Guards and the head of the Devarims encouraged him to get even with them. The Director of Pax Industries asks that what about Hazz, and did he agree to that. Mayhen answers that as a matter of fact, the spy was let in the dark to prevent such mishap. The Director of Pax Industries says that's right, although he knows for a fact that Hazz would never agree to do something so stupid, but if he helps him with his little vendetta, it'll be a tough fight for them, and he's a damn good tactician, someone who he'd want on their side, unfortunately, as long as he's on their side, he's the first on their list to get rid of. The Director of Pax Industries taps a Causality Calculator. The Director of Pax Industries asks that under these circumstances, what should they offer the El's, a hand and a fist or both.

Dr. Kitten calls to the Head Bishop and reports that according to the managers who they sent as spies in El's, he's also after Gosan now, because of his provocation, the most powerful firepower the universe eight has to offer, the White Police Guards ones they're most wary of, if their White Snakes join hands with the old White Police Guards that they bought. He thinks that after hearing a prophecy that he can do anything, it makes him all calm, and Hazz is right, and it's reckless to fight Gosan right now, not with the old White Police Guards they have now to fill the gap between their firepower and theirs. At the moment, the Senior manager calls to him. The manager reports to Hazz that Gosan was shot. Hazz asks that, is this from a reliable source, does he know about this as well. The manager answers that he gave the same report to him as well. He's pleased, and says that Gosan getting shot, is what the old Devarim was talking about, and the church priests rising up against him. He calls to the senior manager and orders that he call the church right now, before any official meeting takes place, he should tell them he'll visit them unofficially, and he wants to be compensated for the courier ships incident with something else, he'll get even the with Gosan and the church will help them.

Hazz says to Federick that given Gosan's circumstances, there's no need to wonder about why the old White Police Guards issued the summon order, and as he said, he should really comes up with a new name for their guards, fast, and issue a summon order of their own. The Head Bishop's secretary reports to her that he wants to make an unofficial visit himself. The Head Bishop says that she's even hearing the news that the El family is trying to sell the Devarims over to them, when they sought refuge in El's, just like them, they're trying to take the most out of this situation where Gosan is gunned down. The Head Bishop orders to her secretary that she should tell him she's looking forward to meeting him, tomorrow will do too. He wears cape and orders to Federick that this is the coordinates sent by the church body so he should check it out. He says to Federick that it's where he's supposed to meet the Head Bishop, and he won't stay around for the funeral, now let's go prepare a surprise event for Gosan family that'll turn them upside down.

El sees he and Federick on the screen. Guyrin eats grape. El asks that what is he all excited about and did Hazz finally give up on him. Guyrin feeds El to grape. El says that he didn't wanna raise him to be as undecisive as he's, but he can't has him run wild like a mad dog even more.

The Head Bishop invites him to the object Quanx the church use only for their special guests, it's a perfect place for an unofficial meeting. The object Quanx is just like an aquarium, a water tank surrounds a table and two chairs. There are several fish in the tank, include a mermaid. He and Head Bishop toast with a glass of wine. He says that when the Head Bishop visit them officially, the El family will also arrange the meeting in a special place like this. The Head Bishop says that she's agree, likewise, the church need cooperation from the nobles of the universe eight to expand and maintain the businesses run by the church body, in that sense, they need help from the El family who has the nobles' support, so if he help them out, they'll make sure the courier ship incident and all the conflicts in his businesses don't run his good reputation. He says that the Head Bishop's sound too official in an unofficial meeting, and the El family is interested in the other agenda of the church's courier business. The Head Bishop is surprised. He says that the share of the church business where Gosan is involved in, he wants the Head Bishop to share that with them equally. The Head Bishop says that she doesn't know what he's talking about. He says that the other agenda of the church's courier business that targets the whole universe eight. The Head Bishop says that wasn't what she expected to hear at all, and she'll bring this matter to the higher-ups and ask them what they think. He says that the Head Bishop may not ask the higher-ups, and just tell them, because she's the one who makes decisions, before they get started with a bigger plan, he's offering him something they can both take part in, let's attack the White Police Guards of the Gosan family together. The Head Bishop says that Cain is quite straightforward, and she didn't know there would be so much raw energy inside the El family's formidable veneer. At this time, they're cross their legs but his leg is facing Head Bishop, but her leg is pointing out. The Head Bishop asks to him that any specific plans on that. He answers that the battle will take place inside an object Quanx in Moab, so the council won't get to meddle, and to draw the attention of the White Police Guards, he'll personally catch Gosan and use him as bait.

At outside, Lot calls to Federick. Federick says that he's busy right now. At a temple of the Church of Madonna in one of the outer planets, Federick holds his cape, and there are a Deva and two judges here. Lot asks that Federick seem to be outside. Federick says where he's, and he's on guard duty for him. He asks that the Head Bishop think his plain is absurd. The Head Bishop says that it sounds like something a little child would come up with, but which is why she thinks it's worth a shot, and it's so simple and radical, no one would expect it, but if he's gonna personally lay his hands on Gosan when he's been shot, she thinks he'll need a more persuasive cause, his creative decisions and actions shouldn't being fear to the other nobles, it'll be different from that from the Gosan's, but fear nonetheless, besides, the church is being watched by the council, if they decide to join hands with him, the council members who were bribed by Gosan won't just sit and watch, for the El's, a just cause to ensure the support from the nobles, for them, a sound logic to go against the council, if there's something that cover these two matters at once, they'll gladly help him, because they wouldn't welcome Gosan's White Police Guards. He thinks that he came to the church to give them something to think about, now it feels like he's going home with homework.

He and Federick arrive to the El family. He orders to Federick that he should wait outside. When he smoked and drunk spirit, he thinks that he should make something that'll satisfy both sides. He calls Federick and asks that what's uncle Hazz up to right now. Federick answers that Hazz just finished arranging the funeral, and he's getting ready for the rehearsal of the new guard team inauguration. He orders that Federick should tell Hazz to come over for a moment because he needs his help with this one. At this time, Federick calls to Hazz.

He says to Hazz that he does have a clear answer to that, but it's just that he feels like his judgment has been clouded lately, so he just wanted to be sure. Hazz says that they'll need Mori in here for better assessment of the situation. Mori reads he and Hazz's memories, and finishes this. He says that this whole thing feels difficult because the church body isn't willing to risk anything at all, and if they would just focus on what they'll gain from this, things will be so much easier. Hazz says that Cain went to the church to give them something to think about only to return with a conundrum. He says that it's gonna take some time, so Hazz can answer him after the funeral. Hazz says that he'll give him an answer right now.

He's embarrassed and says that there are many old people in the church, so Hazz's thoughts and his are the same, so he's still pretty good. Hazz says that they should attend the funeral. He answers that he's just going to there. Mori asks to Hazz that this may be out of line and presumptuous of him, but he thinks his decision is odd. But Hazz says to Mori that it's really out of line and presumptuous, and he should attend the funeral.

Hazz calls to Gaya and orders that, he's about to out of his mind so she may take him to the pigpen. In the pigpen, Hazz shoots male Pigears and blames him. Hazz angry and shouts that the El family would've fallen apart if it weren't for him, and just because he stole one tiny shop and he thinks he can corner him like this, and he decide to meet church bitch all on his own, just to come up with gang fight, and he always clean up his mess. Hazz throws a gun to the gun pile. Hazz says to Gaya that let's get on with the event as Lot gets here, and he's sorry for the El's Five Fingers that the clash between old and new White Police Guards has become inevitable, so he'll try to make sure them sustains less casualties, and they may go back there because he should be ready now.

Lot brings Haaken to El who's wear black outfit. El says to Haaken that Guyrin is doing good here being adored by he and him. Haaken is angry and Lot smacks his forehead again. El orders to Lot that he should treat Haaken like a family with proper manners, so he should take him to the infirmary.


He asks to Federick that where's Lot. Federick answers that he went to search for Mr. Hazz, alongside the Count. He drinks wine and says that what an astounding bromance, and when he ran away from the house, El didn't hesitate to move to a new place.

The true owner of the El's! Guyrin

He throws wine glass and shouts that even though he was the mastermind that made this all possible, why can't he move a hair because of some sulky dumbass pig who ran away, and they don't even recognize the true owner of the El's, and Federick thinks something. He calls to Guyrin but Gaya gets the phone. Gaya says to him that Count El ordered not to send Miss Guyrin his way. anymore. He hangs up and thinks that El knew all along, then that means he was watching him and Guyrin all this time, it was obvious, then he should've stopped him when he found out. He angry and thinks that El is despicable perverted old geezer, and he can't take this any longer.

Quotes Edit

  • "God damn it! Would you shut the hell up about Gosan already?!"
  • "If it weren't for him, I would've fired you ages ago after I take everything you stole from us behind our backs!"
  • "You just used him, cause he was so indecisive. You only cared about your own gain! Don't think I know what you've been doing around here?"
  • "We'll see what happens, Hazz. You greedy fat pig! I'll get you for this!"
  • (To Head Bishop's secretary) "Just like how we're not stupid enough to wreck our own ships and blame someone else."
  • "You don't give a shit about us, do you? You're busy keeping your pockets full."
  • "These corpses are proof that you're just a greedy pig! You ungrateful, despicable, greedy bastard! We took you in when you were starving on the streets. And now you think you own the place?! Oh, and I know what your little angle was when you let those Devarim bums in our house..."
  • "You wanted to put us in harm's way, just so you can take over this family all by yourself when we're gone! Right?! Just how stupid do you think we are? You damn hypocrite!"
  • "Damn! They don't even recognize the true owner of the El's! Guyrin... Guyrin!"

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