Bayeux (바이유, Baiyu) is planet of Denma.

Summary Edit

There's a manor of Baron Hussadin.

Baron Hussadin is making money by offering Devas to his friends and monopolizing the trade instead. Among friends is Hormah.

Edel gets sent to his as the new Guardian priest for Deva Nell. It was the head Deva's call. Asherah also sends chief priest to the Hussadin's mansion, located on here.

Giant gog (자이언트 고그, Jaieonteu gogeu / ジャイアントコック, Jaianto kokku / 精英战士高格, 精英戰士高格, Jīngyīng zhànshì gāo gé) is first mentioned in the Chapter 1 12. Sixteen (21). It's the creature. The Hussadin's butler says to Edel that it'll take at least a couple of days for Hormah to wake up and they can knock out this with the dosage he took in. There's no mention for a long time, but in the Chapter 3 1. Dike (105) - Ch.1108 (Korean) (Spoiler), it's mentioned again that, the way of put this in a barrier and also put an anesthetic bomb in it's hunting this creature.