Barriers (배리어 / 방어막, Baerieo / Bangeomak) are Quanx abilities in Denma.

They can project powerful fields of manipulated energy.

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In A Catnap (158), the White Police Guards set up the barrier to Gosan family. The Mother Madonna shape which is a hallucination without a physical form is appears to Dr. Kitten. Madonna, in fact Ran says the barrier the White Police Guards set up must have blurred the image, and he couldn't expose himself, so he borrowed the image of her.


It's transparent.

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Dimensional Barrier Edit

Dimensional Barrier

The power to create barriers out of dimensional energy/power.

In Kuan's Fridge (98), Orange hair uses this ability. Lot says Orange hair can come one out. Orange hair says that, they may be able to see each other, but he's already in another dimension, and he grew up lonely, he locked himself up in his own space, one of the perks that came along was that it progressed into a Quanx ability, he can see him right in front of him, but no one can come inside the barrier. Crescent moon says that was too much information. Orange hair says in the meantime, he'll just catch his breath, and think about how he's gonna finish this mission. Lot pushes his finger to the barrier and says, when someone grows up all alone and even gets bullied, they also develop a desire for attachment.

Dimensional Barrier Breaking

Lot enters the barrier and says, they crave to get inside someone else's space. Orange hair is surprised and says it can't be. Lot says it can, and Orange hair who's disrespectful son of a bitch should come here.

In (216), Lot also uses Instant Barrier (순간방어막, Sunganbangeomak).

In The knight (181), the target trapped in this feels cold. It looks like a bubble gum. Someone at outside can't hear the target, if they've something to say, they should place their hand on the wall and speak.

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