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Bang (빵야, Ppangya) is a Quanx ability in Denma.

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This fires a laser at Gatsu's fingertip and can penetrate anything.

When Gatsu uses this ability, he must makes a finger with gun shape and shouts "Bang!"

Gatsu shoots the laser to Monkey guy.

This ability can penetrate cube, but it's instantly recovers.

Gatsu shoots the laser to Yellow hair's body part and says he'll die if he doesn't heal him right now so he should get the Internal Affairs out.

This can't cause an explosion unlike Energy Beam.


Level: 1/1260

Power Up Level: 0/7

Hero: Gatsu

Level Up of Attribute
Basic HP increase: 109
Basic attack increase: 58
Basic defense increase: 79
  • Strengthening Attributes

1Lv: Fire+2 Ground+1 Light+4[Hero's critical damage +500]

2Lv: Fire+4 Ground+5 Water+1 Light+7[Hero's invincibleness +500]

3Lv: Fire+7 Ground+7 Water+1 Light+15[Hero's attack +10%]

4Lv: Fire+9 Ground+9 Water+1 Light+27[Hero's defense +10%]

5Lv: Fire+14 Ground+13 Water+3 Light+36[Hero's critical effect +50%]

6Lv: Fire+17 Ground+15 Water+5 Light+52[Hero's HP +15%]

7Lv: Fire+21 Ground+20 Water+7 Light+67[Combo+10%]

In Densinma with NAVER WEBTOON, Bang is a treasure.

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