Ayn (아인 Ain) is a character in Denma.

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He's an accounting manager with the accounting and auditing team and a manager of the El family. He wears yellow suit and a black tie, and he carries a red thermos. He and Marvin are Cain's men.

He's Marvin's junior, so he calls him to Sir.

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In Chapter 2 2. A.E. (9), Hazz calls him. Marvin and he are arrive.

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Hazz kicks Marvin's shin. Hazz angry and shouts Marvin did the M&A to the Sten Industries and Gold Wing approved without his consent, so he trying to ruin everything the El family worked for, and he does something around their young master. The young master who've a penis nose says he ordered Marvin to do that and the longer they drag this out, the only thing they're getting is more flies, and if Hazz think about the cost it'd take to get rid of all those nuisances, and it's cheaper this way, and that's what he taught him so don't put this on him. Hazz says when the business index gets out and the Gosans find out about it, and they might take it the wrong way. The young master angry and shouts Hazz should shut up about Gosan, and they to bow down to the Gosan family and they're so great because they blew up a planet but they don't have to be scared of them for it, and this M&A got them enough firepower to fight them. The young master says Hazz should be grateful for his father, and if it weren't for him, he would've fired him ages ago after he take everything he stole from them behind their backs. Hazz says all he ever did was for the young master's father, Count El. The young master says Hazz just used El, cause he was so indecisive, and he only cared about his own gain, and he know what he has been doing around here. El sees this to the screen, and he orders Lot to go bring them over here. Lot brings Hazz, Federick, the young master, Cain.

Outside, Cain complains El to humiliating him in front of his men so he's stupid old man. Cain orders to Marvin that from now on, he don't report anything about the merger to Hazz anymore, because he's the one in charge, and he let him know as soon as he so much as look at him funny. Cain orders to Federick that he want to be alone for a minute so he take some time off too until he call him. Cain calls Hazz is greedy fat pig.

He gives Marvin to green tea through his thermos. But Marvin declines the junior's green tea, and he takes out his thermos and drinks green tea. Marvin says the White Police Guards already got three more calling them. Marvin says he doesn't blame the White Police Guards and they're paid eight times the wage they get, so no wonder it seems tempting. He says Marvin really gotta hand it to Hazz. He laughs and says that what if they end up buying the whole White Police Guards. Marvin says he knows right.

The glasses accountant says Lot will win. Another accountant says he has been around the block a few times so he knows, and guys who talk big are never that strong, and Federick is the thumb for a reason. The accountant calls Marvin's junior to Ayn and asks who does he think is the strongest of all the White Police Guards.

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He answers of course, those two are quite strong, but he bet is Haggler, who's the one Duke Gosan always keeps around, and he wouldn't have made it as the Duke's personal bodyguard if he's weak. At this point, Marvin appears briefly behind him. The accountant says Haggler is the monster of a Quanx who's supposed to be over two and a half meters tall. The glasses accountant says the accountant getting tense, but he'll never run into Haggler anyway. At this time, the senior accountant appears and notices that, this is the accounting and auditing team's report for the second half of the year and their assigned stations, and they'll be performing their auditing duties in their assigned locations for around two months. The senior accountant envies that they barely work four to five hours a day at home, and now they send them on a business trip, and it's more like a two-month paid vacation, so they'd better thank Hazz the merciful, then he notices to the head of accounting team No. 1.

Marvin sees a hologram in front of him and says that he has just finished hacking their transmission and he'd better report this in. Then Marvin's hologram is visible to Mayhen. At this point, it's able to supposes that Marvin could be a spy in the Gosan family, or the Gosans monitoring to the El family. Mayhen reports this to the Director of Pax Industries that this is the list of every White Police Guards stationed elsewhere, who tried to make contract with El, and not only does it show their intention to work for the El family but also the exact amount of the salaries they were promised. The Director of Pax Industries surprised to this because this many agents were compromised. The Director of Pax Industries goes to Gosan who takes off his bread bag and sees the hologram.

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In Kuan's Fridge (85) - Ch.616, Marvin is sitting next to him and he yawns. At this time, Hazz calls to Marvin. Hazz orders Marvin that he should call in all the managers now, including the ones who have already left the office.

Marvin reports something to Cain. Next to Marvin, there's him.

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Denma with NAVER WEBTOON Edit


Screenshot 2017-10-04-21-36-16

Growth skin (Lv 1, 7 stars ~ Lv 45, 7 stars)

Forest attribute

Vitality 24102
Damage 484
Critical Damage 130%

Lv 45, 7 stars

Icon Level Name Cooldown Description
Power accumulation 7 Power accumulation Passive Every cooldown increases skill's 1 time damage of the amount and causes bleeding.
Festival 4 Festival 9' Through the festive atmosphere throw the enemies off its guard and releases all buffs, and increases the damage it receives.
Real power 4 Real power 18' Ayn unbinding his power, knocking back nearby enemies, throwing a stone at enemies with less life power and inflicting damage to enemies in the air.
Hidden Characteristic - (Hidden Characteristic) Thrust Passive At the basic attack, thrusts enemies in the probabilistically.
  • Character Description

He's the manager of the El family. He always tags along with Marvin and he plans to play. He's the main culprit that deviates Marvin.

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  • (To Marvin) "Hahaha! What if we end up buying the whole White Police Guards?"
  • (To accountant) "Of course, those two are quite strong, but my bet is Haggler. You know, the one Duke Gosan always keeps around. He wouldn't have made it as the Duke's personal bodyguard if he's weak, right?"

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