Agnes (아그네스, Ageuneseu) is a character in the Rami Record, Denma.

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She first appeared and mentioned in the Rami Record (2) (Korean, In Denma, it's (1)). And in Denma, it's first mentioned in the Sixteen (10).

She's the Duke's Deva.

The Duke says he has heard of the name "Haaken" before, and Abigail also says he thinks he has heard of this name before. These two are related to her. Haaken should have been the Guardian priest for her instead of Abigail, but for some reason, he declined the offer the position so he took that position now.

She really wanted a guy with an Acceleration ability. She could've slept with this ability, with Haaken or Abigail.

Abigail says he knew he heard of Haaken's name because he should have been the Guardian priest for her instead of him, but for some reason, he declined the offer the position so he took that position now. Haaken says so she really wanted a guy with an Acceleration ability, and he asks so how is that

Haaken mentions that she's evil girl, so Abigail can doing all kinds of dirty work for that ambitious homicidal maniac. And she seems to be using drugs for people. In A Catnap (110), the Head Bishop says they've got plenty of Devas that are as good as her, one of the kids who're good with medicine will replace her.

  • Duke
    • A Catnap (54): The Duke dithers and calls Mayhen that why she unresponsive for the past hour, and if something happen to her he can't live without her, then he floats white 100 image and tries to call the White Police Guards. Mayhen says right now she's asleep because it's only been 2 hours since she said good night to the Duke. The Duke says that's strange because it feels like it's already been 12 hours.
    • (112): Mayhen thinks the Duke doesn't look so happy saying that.
  • Abigail
    • A Catnap (132) - Ch.455: Abigail says they've to get back inside because they still have a job to do. June asks why Abigail is so obsessed on this mission in particular, and he was never known for his professionalism.
    • (135) - Ch.457: June says Abigail from the universe seven can't seriously expect them to believe this, and he says he doesn't think he was lying because he had that look he has when he's serious. June says even Abigail has hard time keeping track of his emotion or mental state, and it's just like what the other brothers said the chemicals must've mixed up his emotional reaction circuit inside his brain.
    • (154): The children around Eugene call him that the junkie priest.

Biography Edit

21 years ago Edit

20121230 111642

In Rami Record (2) (Korean, In Denma, it's (1)), at the House of Dancing Flowers, Rami sees her and her Guardian priests with 2 other friends. Around her, there're 4 of her Guardian priests. They're Red long hair and Abigail, Scar face, June. Here she appears as Deva. At this time, she isn't wearing an eye patch.

20 years ago Edit

Hades' first escape Edit

In Denma A Catnap (4) - Ch.326, the Chief of Security Department orders to Max that he want to add someone to the team to match up with them because it looks like Gatsu is trying to have 2 issue makers collide and all power holders of the see will be looking into the Inspection Department. The Chief of Security Department calls to her that he has an urgent request. At this time, she's Top Deva. She and her Guardian priests are going to retreat place on the ship. She calls the Guardian priest Abigail, and says he has a job to does and it won't be easy so please take care and return safety.

Abigail gets a call from her. Abigail is alone, and she says an order from the top wants him to not only get rid of Hades the escapee, but also protect him from all harms, and when everything is settled down big changes will be made to church body's system, and Max is expected to be assigned to a very important role.

Abigail calls June that Max was taken to the medical room now he'll move on to the next mission and he doesn't think the Security Department will be much help to him so he'll goes here and tell her about this and bring him a gun on the way.

Max calls Abigail and says he should bring Yellow hair from Balack to the Security Department and he's already asked her because he can't control them right now.

Since Hades was arrested

The woman says they're trying to recycle Hades right now and Bishop Kanu is displaying her arrogance, and a disposable shouldn't be recycled, and Mr. Gatsu from the Internal Affairs seemed to have drawn a decent picture, and she asks that her dog isn't enough for Hades. She answers there's been an order that they should follow the Internal Affairs Department regarding eliminating Hades. The woman says let's just do that this time because everyone must be flustered by Holy Madonna's return to Palace so let him do his job, and it's impossible to jump into the Internal Affairs Department to take out Hades alone, but by trying that they could be sending a warning to those old punks, and she's sorry for her baby dog. Abigail isn't going to see her before him go because his work isn't done yet, and Hades was transported to the Internal Affairs Department so he needed to prepare himself, such as equipment, uniform, and disguise, his new ID card inside the See, so he did get here. June finds out Abigail is taking the suicide bomb capsule. Abigail says he can't let See know that she has anything to do with this so if the Internal Affairs guys captures him, he's using it. June is surprised, and Abigail says he has to get rid of Hades because it's her order, and he shouldn't tell anyone about this because it's a personal mission. Abigail says if he doesn't come back June can use his locker. June angry and says Abigail can't go to a place like that by himself, and he'll be using his locker if he go there. Abigail says the reason that he's alive right now is because of her.

June thinks if he didn't take toy gun here Abigail wouldn't be infiltrating into the Internal Affairs Department by himself, and he didn't know it was gonna be this serious because he joked around too much while he was around him and things have never been this serious with him like this. In the call, she says complete Abigail's mission and return safety. Abigail answers he'll make sure that he'll complete his mission.

The Chief of Security Department reports he's in a very awkward situation because the Heads of Holy See have turned their eyes toward the Security Department. She says she'll talk to the Duke, and whatever decision the See makes in the future she'll protect the Chief of Security Department.

The Duke dithers and calls Mayhen that why she unresponsive for the past hour, and if something happen to her he can't live without her, and maybe he shouldn't has listened to her insisting and let White Police Guards escort her, then he floats white 100 image and tries to call them. Mayhen says right now she's asleep because it's only been 2 hours since she said good night to him. The Duke says that's strange because it feels like it's already been 12 hours, then he angry and says the stubborn principalists even told her to do the retreat duty and there're certain Patrons that aren't to be touched, and back then they came to him for help while talking about the fate of the See. The Duke taps on a calculator and asks Hades recaptured by the Internal Affairs Department and Mayhen answers they've already asked her to remove him. The Duke calculates if Hades escapes again there's a high chance that his next target will be the Palace is 100% because his only chance of surviving is going through the Intersecting Space to go to another universe, so he should take advantage of him a mere threat to the Palace only makes the principalists bond together so to rule over them, they've to fall into despair. Mayhen thinks maybe the Duke did just decide to destroy the Palace.

She calls to the Duke. The Duke calls her to Fantastic Baby, and tries to kiss and says he told her that he wouldn't drink a lot. She says Mayhen told her that the Duke had a change of mind. The Duke says he want she doesn't visit the Palace for the rest of the retreat period because hands off of her mission on taking Hades out, because he's got some other things to take care of, he has already gave a new order to his faithful dog at the Internal Affairs Department.

The Internal Affairs member sees Abigail's network but phone keeps coming, so he hangs off this. She sends a text to Abigail to prevent him from takes out Hades before the retreat starts. The message says it's urgent so stop cleaning and return. The Internal Affairs member sees the message and thinks the waste management of the Internal Affairs Department isn't like cleaning it's room so this company's out of its mind so he replies something, and he thinks if they won't take this place again next year. She sees a message. The message says understood it'll take him a while to return, so she gives a sigh of relief. The Internal Affairs member thinks they'll slow down the interrogation and he'll screw the waste management guys over so he delete the message.

Hades' second escape Edit

Volume 6

Jungkyu finds something in Hades' head and calls to Aaron. Aaron says there're the Roots, a rooted signal device and it's fully grown, and it's all over his brain so he asks when did this get implanted. Hades answers that he doesn't know and he started headache since they escaped. Aaron sees the manufactured serial number and calls to Chul and asks who bought him Roots, and he told him not to sell it to everyone. Chul answers that one of the Holy Madonna's Guardian priests bought the Roots. Hades says that guy who can accelerate. Aaron is weird that if the Guardian priest caught using something like the Roots even the Deva in charge will be penalized, so he wonders why would he do this, and he asks Chul did recommend this. Chul answers that the Guardian priest bought a few other illegal things like it. Aaron says he want Chul to wipe out his place clean and hide somewhere for a while because he need to put out all uncertainties before they make big deals this year, so he report this Roots thing to the Space Patrols so that they can crack down on the illegal weapons trades, and this way they'll be so tired by the end of this year, and should loosen up more by then so the trades will be safer, and they can do this by sacrificing a Guardian priest and a Deva.

Abigail says this is the day when Deva's Retreat schedule started, so they were outside the planet, but it's definitely him because he can't explain this, but it's and this isn't some disguise or something, and he's looking at the camera intentionally and it's looks like he's sending some kind of message. Abigail says the third camera zoom in, and he sees a scar behind his head. June says Abigail doesn't have this scar and he's sure someone is trying to screw him and Deva.

Abigail says he knew he heard of Haaken's name because he should have been the Guardian priest for her instead of him, but for some reason, he declined the offer the position so he took that position now. Haaken says so she really wanted a guy with an Acceleration ability, and he asks so how is that evil girl doing these days. Abigail angry so he beats Haaken. Haaken uses Acceleration ability, and he also beats Abigail and says he's a very passionate priest because he really is bewitched by her. Haaken says he had a high expectation when he heard that Abigail broke Hades' Cube but that's disappointing so he's just going to be her side without much thought anyway, and on top of that, he's doing all kinds of dirty work for that ambitious homicidal maniac.

Lee Kyu meets her and he shows a surveillance camera footage that the Patrols tried so hard to obtain. In the footage, Abigail says to Bongchul Goo that he charge it to her and he asks it's cheaper if they pay it in a single payment. Lee Kyu says all the things that Abigail bought are prohibited by the eight universe law, and the Roots that was used was an item that the Church of Madonna requested the law committee to prohibit its use, so they must step in, so she can call him in so they can continue this seamlessly and if not, they'll have to do it on their own. She asks it's everything they saw on this screen correct, and he answers that the location, the date, the time are all correct because Bongchul Goo connected the surveillance camera on the public channel to take advantage of the surveillance network. She says during the time in the screen, they were all inside the ship because they were going on a Retreat, and they also use the public channel so they can't manipulate the time either. Lee Kyu thinks it's strange and he says they'll be back after doing more investigation. She says Abigail is out right now so they'll let him know when he comes back. Lee Kyu thinks she's a tough lady.

She sees the footage. Scar face says Abigail and June are both offline right now, and if he's the same person maybe a time warp. Red hair and Scar face say that in that case, Abigail will be killed instantly in a Patrol finds him and the items were paid with the Deva's name, so apart from the church rules, if the Patrols arrest the Deva, the church won't be able to help her, because the eight universe law is applied and he knows very well of it.

Kanu informs the Head Bishop that the Duke responded this quickly because it sounded like he didn't want to go to war against them, and he said that he'll decide whether he'll copy and share the top secret with others depending on how the meeting goes, and he wants to make a deal with the church. The Head Bishop says they'll go with her because he heard that the Duke really likes her so let's use this opportunity and find out how faithful he's. The Head Bishop explains the finding out how faithful the Duke is means, he want him to see the consequences that he caused, and how he'll overcome it with his faithfulness, so he want Kanu to tell her to go back to him, and take the ship that they'll send leaving the Guardian priests at the Retreat, and as she flies to him the ship will explode. The Head Bishop says this is the consequence for the Duke's action because he's doing it 'cause he did it and the Deva can't miss the meeting even during the Retreat, and if his attitude doesn't change, they've got plenty of Devas that are as good as her, one of the kids who're good with medicine will replace her.

Lee Kyu orders he should call reinforcements because they're going back to her, 'cause they know where Abigail is now, and the transaction is made by her name so they've to arrest her and interrogate her.

Kanu calls and orders she's going to be with the Duke and the Head Bishop so she has to be a good mediator in the middle as Deva, so she should tell him about it and go to him immediately and she'll send her a ship right now, but she doesn't bring any Guardian priests with her because she want her desperation to be appealed in this meeting. She calls the Duke and says she's coming back now because the Head Bishop is visiting, and he says that was the church's rule, and he kisses her face for in the screen, and she raises a rueful smile. Kanu recalls and thinks me-thu'-sha-el.

Volume 7

The Duke is taps a calculator and orders to Mayhen that she's returning so she should get ready to greet her. Mayhen thinks the Duke don't look so happy saying that.

Abigail says they've to get back inside because they still have a job to do. June asks why he's so obsessed on this mission in particular, and he was never known for his professionalism. Abigail gets his own head screwed on, then he realizes he got a message. In the video message, another Abigail says he's Abigail from the universe seven, and he has something to tell him and it's about the series of events that he has witnessed so far.

June says Abigail from the universe seven can't seriously expect them to believe this, and Abigail says he doesn't think he was lying because he had that look he has when he's serious. June says even he has hard time keeping track of Abigail's emotion or mental state, and it's just like what the other brothers said the chemicals must've mixed up his emotional reaction circuit inside his brain. Abigail says let's go find her.

The ship the Church of Madonna sent arrives and the robot comes down, but it can't escort her because of Space Patrols. Lee Kyu and a Patrol fight to her priests, and it looks like the other priests haven't arrived yet. Abigail and June see this. Abigail says June can take those two outside for a moment. June says they're Guardian priest but they'll be handling Deva to the Patrols themselves. Abigail says they're only doing their job. June takes priests outside. Abigail appears and says she can follow Patrols and he'll inform the Duke of what happened here and he'll explain everything in email. Lee Kyu is surprised and he orders they must cease Abigail. Abigail runs away and thinks he wonders how things will turn out. Lee Kyu takes her.

The Head Bishop hears something through Kanu that one of the Guardian priests was involved in illegal arms trade in Deva's name so she was arrested at the scene by the Patrols. The Head Bishop angry and says Kanu giving excuses to the outsiders to intervene in church matters, and he warned her never does anything to draw attention from the U.C.S. The Head Bishop flips the table. Kanu says it all happened too quickly before the priests could do anything about it. The Head Bishop asks who was let the Patrols find out about something like that. Kanu answers that he's named Abigail with baptismal Church of Madonna's name. The Head Bishop is very upset so he breaks hologram and orders that he'll set an example out of this incident to discipline the church Guardian priests so he'll set them straight, so he'll cut the arms off of that Abigail who's caused all this mess, and let him rot in Gaia and he'll live like a stray iron dog until the day he dies, and as for the Guardian priests who let Deva get taken away 100 lashes and one month in solitary confinements, all of them. Kanu thinks she has never seen the Head Bishop this angry and she guess it's only natural because after all those efforts to keep the church at bay from all those meddlesome outsiders. The Head Bishop says since it's come to this, he has no other choice so they'll strike the Duke now.

Mayhen reports to the Duke that according to the message from her Guardian priests, she was accused of illegal arms dealing so she arrested by Patrol. The Duke taps on a calculator, and he says under these circumstances, there's a zero percent chance that could've happened, then that means there're only two possible explanations for this, either someone intentionally squeezed through the time axis, and somehow changed the causality, or Dr. Faust simply couldn't build a better calculator than this one. The Duke says he hopes the good doctor didn't hear what he just said, but all in all, if the Patrols took her, there's little to worry about because there're quite a few under his sponsorship there. The Duke asks who's really behind this arms deal. Mayhen answers that he's a priest called Abigail, he says he's that white haired guy with a girl's name and he was the one in charge of Hades so that means there's a chance they actually went through the time axis, so this is driving him crazy. The Duke says if the Patrols are after Abigail, the church will try to get their hands on him first, and it's time the White Police Guards' to step in and he'll get him first.

Red hair says the old fools at the church aren't happy, and 100 lashes and a month of solitary confinement for all the Guardian priests at the Retreat, and Abigail will become an iron dog in Gaia, and if they look at it with nothing but facts, he should be grateful that he's only getting the iron dog punishment. June says they can ask the Duke for help. Red hair says an outsider can't know of what's going on inside the church, and besides, there's no reason for the Duke to help them. Abigail sees her message late, and he also sees June's message.

The Head Bishop and the Duke are meet. The Head Bishop apologies that her event. The Duke says he has many friends in the Patrol but it just take a little time to get her by his side. The Head Bishop says Abigail will be sentenced the iron dog punishment and will be locked up in Gaia for good. The Duke says he want to see Abigail as well because he just has a couple of personal questions. The Head Bishop introduces 2 Devas to fill the void her left behind. After the meeting, the Head Bishop calls Kanu and says he'll leave tomorrow to meet the archbishops right now. The Head Bishop thinks he won't go there and he doesn't plan to deliver the Duke's proposal ever because if he passed along this, it'll ruin everything he worked so hard on for the church with years of accusations, fortunately, he's alone now and blinded by his ambition so he should be killed in a few days. Kanu reports the Internal Affairs just started Abigail's search. The Head Bishop thinks what could the Duke possibly want with Abigail personally.

The Duke calls to her. She says all the Patrols here have been really nice to her. The Duke says she may just hang in there for a couple more days because the procedure is taking too long.

Mayhen presents a fancy collar to the Head Bishop, and she says the Duke asked her to tell him that he's deeply sorry that can't see him off personally due to his morning schedule. At this time a man fasten up the collar. The man shows to the Duke that the Head Bishop's memories. They're memories the man read when he was fasten up the collar. The Duke gets to know that the Head Bishop is planning to kill him and her. The Duke stops to the White Police Guards who're artistically hitting Abigail, and he says he believe him because it all checks out, and he bend the time and space, just to save her so he'll set a great example to the White Police Guards too.

In the ship, the Head Bishop angry and throws the collar, and he says the Duke could have handed over one of his enterprises. A White Police Guard, who disguised himself as a Church of Madonna staff, he gives a drink to the Head Bishop, and he says the Duke cares a lot about her and he added that, they also have plenty of experts who're well versed in medicine. The Head Bishop poisoned, and a White Police Guard teleports then the ship explodes. In other words, the Head Bishop is poisoned as if he were going to kill the Duke, and the ship explodes as if he were going to kill her. The Duke with the sword says to Abigail that it's admirable that he had risk his own life to save her, however, simply doing his duties isn't something to be commended, and most importantly, his methods were too sloppy which is he letting the Patrols take away her, and as for all the rage and irritation he has felt because of him, he'll cut both his arms to bring closure.

The Corporal of Patrol grateful to Lee Kyu because he got an exceptional opportunity which is the Duke turned out to be really something so he's dying to finds out how generous he can be, so he'll make sure he misses her.

Her Guardian priests visit to her and says the Internal Affairs has Abigail in custody right now. She asks that it's true what the Patrols said about Abigail. Red hair and June say that all the Guardian priests can tell her right now is to have faith and wait, and once the incident with the Head Bishop is taken care of, the Internal Affairs will shortly make a decision. June asks how long will she be staying here. Mayhen comes and reports that the Patrols tells that the investigation is almost over, so they'll soon release to her. The Duke angry because the Patrols are give a necessary interval of time. The Duke thinks the Patrols are taking advantage of his good will so far.

Abigail recalls. In the message, Abigail from the Universe seven introduces himself, and he says it concerns the series of events that Abigail have witnessed so far, and as the Intersecting Space dissipated, he came to exist in the Universe seven due to space division, and one thing led to another, and he finally came back to the Universe eight through another Intersecting Space in two years, and the space division never felt so real when he saw another version of himself here, and it didn't take long before he realized her death which was two years ago and the Head Bishop was behind the explosion. Abigail says to June that they came this far by twisting the space, now it's time to twist the time axis. June worries about the watchers of causality ever find out, he and Abigail will be executed on site. Abigail needed to make some adjustments, if he'll, to avoid her accident. Abigail and June have come to a conclusion that they need the outside intervention to interfere with the church, that's where the Patrols came into the equation. It took considerable time and sacrifice to squeeze through the time axis. June who accompanied Abigail killed. Abigail from the Universe seven says that June who stood by his side until the very end asked him this question right before he died, they did really have to go this far. If Abigail from the Universe seven hadn't experienced the space division himself, he would have never even dreamed about using the time axis, and if there's even a fraction of chance to save her, he'll do whatever it takes even if it's forbidden. Because that's what they do.

The man says he'll add another 0.1% on the Corporal of Patrol's commission, but he rejects this and he demands 0.2 and he asks he can take her with him. The man says they've plenty of girls here and she's mediocre. The Corporal of Patrol says she's the Duke's Deva, and he shows the enterprises he owns. The man says he's the king of Aorica and his kidnapping and extortion days are almost 20 years ago, and he sees and surprises the Duke's enterprises. The Corporal of Patrol says she's scheduled to be sent back in the afternoon and he plans that he'll tell the king of Aorica their route and he'll intercept her. The king of Aorica rejects the plan and he would rather expand his drug distribution lines, and he says if the sum is high enough to impress his boys, the Duke prick will probably give up on her in a heartbeat. The Corporal of Patrol says they're going to make a news headline out of her kidnapping, then the Duke will never give up on her, and not with his ego and his title of a Patron, and if they can distract everyone on her kidnapping, they can distribute his newest products fast and in large quantities. The king of Aorica accepts it, and he says the fanatics will sit this one out. The Corporal of Patrol says Aorica is beyond any jurisdiction so there's a safe haven for criminals, so the fanatics can't do anything without the authorization of the U.C.S., and they're too afraid to upset the council, and they never get involved themselves, and the king of Aorica have an army of a thousand Quanxs, the shield of Aorica, the Thousand Men, even Patrols won't dare mess with.

Mayhen comes in haste and reports to the Duke that she has been kidnapped. A Security Department member comes in haste and reports to the Chief of Security Department and Max that she has been kidnapped. An Aorica member holds her chin in his hand and takes her hostage, and he threats if the offer is way below his expectation she's his, so the Duke can feel free to be generous, and he'll give him three days to come up with the figure. The Duke says he'll see them in three hours, and they're surprised to hear that. The Duke says he has enough on his plate as it's, and if he had to wait another three days, he wouldn't even remember his demands by then, so they can give him the coordinates for his ransom pickup, and he'll go there himself for the exchange, and he can get his filthy hands off of her because he can't see her pretty face, and whatever sum he has in mind, he guarantee him will get more as long as no harm comes to her.

An Aorica member calls to the king of Aorica and reports that he'll see them in three hours and he's coming with only one of his entourage and he asked for the coordinates, so he thinks he has no clue what's going on right now. The Director of Pax Industries says he strongly urge the Duke to reconsider because it's too dangerous to go there by himself, and he explains to Aorica and he says so he can't go there. The Duke says so that's exactly why he has to does this himself. Kanu says she thinks it'd be best if the Duke let the church to bring back her. The Duke asks Kanu had stand against the U.C.S. itself. The Director of Pax Industries asks why doesn't the Duke just send the White Police Guards instead. The Duke answers the meeting with the archbishops is imminent so he'd rather take care of this quietly. The Duke agonizes about who should he take as his entourage. The king of Aorica accepts it, and he says he must has something up his sleeve, but there's not a faction who posed any threat to them in the entire universe, and with the firepower they've right now, they can take on the entire Universe eight, if they wanted to, and they just needed enough diversion and time to ensure a smooth distribution of their brand new merch, and he might as well kidnap him too and asks for his ransom as well, that'll make things easier.

In the dick shaped spacecraft, the Duke calls to the Chief of Security Department that it's only right that he handle it himself when it's difficult the church to intervene, and he will see to it that she returns home safe. The Duke's entourage says Aorica sell drugs to a whole planet but they go through all this trouble for some ransom, so it's strange, and they're trying to make a distraction from their real agenda, which is something like a major shipment or the launch of their newest product. The Duke's entourage asks why the Duke is going there himself if he know something's up, and why they're moving on a spacecraft. The Duke answers he's about to strike a major deal with the church soon, so everything has to be perfect, and he'd has to show some sincerity towards her, and even if Aorica have a thousand Quanxs as their vigilante army on their side, he highly doubts that they'll welcome a Interplanetary Teleporting Hyper-Quanx. In the planet Yana, Intersecting Space Bureau, a devil dog throw up the person with the universe thirteen in the toilet. The chief thinks he doesn't know what's going on around the Intersecting Space lately. The woman calls to the chief and asks about tonight's party. The chief orders he has to call it off, because it happened again just like last time, so they won't be able to have a party for a while. The woman to the manager and orders he may cancel the dinner party, because the chief says it's an emergency. The manager says someone that they're canceling the party tonight. Someone says they can't cancel the party now because if he can't pay them for the drugs for the party he put on his tab last time and for the ones today. A man calls to the Aorica member that they say it might take some time to make the payment. The Aorica member angry and says they should be grateful that they gave their merch at that price, and they can't even pay that, so they going to think Aorican rule is a joke. The Aorica member says he'll just take out all their batches from today's work bench. The Aorica member sees an Aorica's henchman who's watching porn, and he orders he should watch his post while he's out. An Aorica's henchman and another henchman talk that especially the pretty Devas like her only hang out with the nobles. Suddenly, an Aorica's henchman says he wants to hold a service like nobles himself. Another henchman stops an Aorica's henchman. An Aorica's henchman says he's only trying to show his devotion to Madonna here, and she shouldn't discriminate if she's a Deva, and for the next hour, they're the only ones here, and they can finish that service and the cleanup afterwards in one hour, and if she feels so ashamed to have held a service with a commoner, she'll keep her mouth shut, and so should another henchman. The person takes off its mask. The person is Abigail from the universe thirteen. Abigail thinks it's time to return to her. This huge butterfly effect occurs. It means the Duke broke his calculator because the calculate is error.

The Duke and Lot arrive the mansion, and he asks let him see her first before they discuss any further. She's shock-headed, her clothes is forcibly torn, and she's cries. The Duke surprised to see this, and he's anger. The Duke hugs to her and says he's sorry to keep her waiting so long and he has a payment to make. The Duke orders Lot that he should go find the prick who'll receive the paycheck, and get rid of all these goons on his way out. An Aorica's henchman angry but Lot squeezes his arm into his body. Lot grabs the two centurions' heads and keeps them from moving. Lot says what they just saw might look simple, but it's a combination of not one, not two, but three Quanx skills. Lot reads two centurions' memories so he checks out Aorica's king, and he says both their memories are identical, and there's one good thing about a white suit is even when they're slacking off, they always look so busy. Lot squeezes two centurions' heads into their body so kills them. In the harem, the king of Aorica is naked body, and he sees Lot and forcibly teleported with him. The Duke says the king of Aorica can get on his feet and they're here with his money. The king of Aorica covers himself with his towel. He says he'll pay the king of Aorica right now so he can open the account for the transfer. He takes out one of his five accounts and begins to send money. The king of Aorica apologizes to this mishap and he accepts. The king of Aorica likes the Duke's attitude, so he says he swears on his name that he'll receive the best hospitality, and he asks they go get themselves a drink. The Duke rejects because he doesn't has time for that. The king of Aorica surprised because his account isn't stop. The money is 10000000000000000000, it means ten Quintilian. The king of Aorica says this is way over what he had in mind and the Duke must really care about her so he asks he just forget the whole thing because this whole ransom was all just a ruse.

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The Duke becomes stony-faced and says the king of Aorica dare think he'd let him buy off her with money, and this is the price for his whole planet.

In 1. A.E. (3), the White Police Guards kill The Thousand Men, and they say that 'All clear'. The Director of Pax Industries surprised to see this, and asks to the Duke that did what the Causality Calculator have to say about this. The Duke breaks the Causality Calculator and answers that it's broken. A satellite robot just entered the planetary orbit. The Director of Pax Industries says he said he would never expose the White Police Guards or its firepower out in the public, and now he have the entire universe eight as his mortal enemies. The Duke hangs out the phone and orders to Mayhen that, she should whatever she can for the doctor to help her get better. In his mansion, Lot guards her who's lies to the bed, and Dr. Kitten stands. The Duke says the satellite is taking images of the planet Aorica right now. The Duke orders the White Police Guards that it's time to bring out the best of their abilities and complete the mission, and as for those of them who were stationed elsewhere, their masters will want to know why they were called in, so let them all know that they'll be streaming live from planet Aorica, and once their mission is complete, they'll be the public enemy number one of the universe eight, and let's begin.

Abigail arrives at the sector eleven. The hound dogs, who're guards are sees Abigail, and another hound dog takes his uniform, and asks just what did he does his Deva.

Dr. Kitten says to the Guardian priests that until she's fully recovered, he's afraid they can't allow any visitors for a while, and also that was what the Duke wanted as well. Abigail calls to the Guardian priests, and when they surprised, he calls them to monkeys. Abigail says he was at the universe thirteen this whole time, and he just came back yesterday morning, and if he returned on his own, he might put her in danger, so they can come get him, and he need a priest who can teleport between planets, and someone might be tracing this call so he can't talk too long, and he'll explain everything when they meet. Red hair gives a guess that perhaps there're multiple Abigails spread throughout different universes. Red hair is curious that the guy who came to save her last time, and he says there's going to be an army of Abigails from each universe. June says let's save that Abigail first.

Abigail from the universe thirteen arrives. Abigail calls to June, and he surprised. The Guardian priests see Abigail. Abigail asks where's she. June answers she's recovering here with the help of the Duke. At this time, Abigail sees Abigail from the universe thirteen and he surprised.

Red hair says the Guardian priests just hang up for now and tell Abigail that they'll call him back through this line. At night, June says they can tell Abigail the truth. Red hair says he thinks they should tell the Abigail who's become an iron dog in Gaia never to call them again, because he's not getting out anyway, and even if he somehow manages to escape, there's no place for him here now, and he's replaced by none other than himself. June asks how Red hair can be sure this won't happen again. Red hair says the U.C.S. won't let that happen over and over again, so it'll never happen again. June angry and shouts that Red hair is coldhearted bastard. Red hair says this is an accident while on duty, and she doesn't has to be responsible for their deaths when they die on duty. Red hair says they patch him through to Gaia and he'll tell the iron dog Abigail himself.

Red hair calls to Abigail again. Red hair says they'll do their best to save the Abigail from the universe thirteen from double jeopardy. Abigail says he doesn't need the details, and this is going to be his last call with them. Abigail says Gaia turned out to be a really busy planet, and there's just no time for a normal folk like him to sit back and chit chat with Quanxs, and they may take good care of her. Abigail calls them to monkeys and he hangs up the phone. Abigail lifting his one arm because he has a lingering affection.

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In Sixteen (7) - Ch.97, 7 years ago, a priest says to Baron Hussadin that Bishop Agnes said that she'll be here to see him in person after 3 days. Hussadin says to a priest that he just need to pick his Devas and be on his way, and he spent the whole night selecting the Devas he want and he's taking them with him no matter what.

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The cassock wears by woman Bishops are like this.

In (13) - Ch.100, she meets Baron Hussadin. She`s wearing an eye patch. Behind her, there're red long hair and Abigail, 2 of her Guardian priests. She tells some of Devas he's selected are virgines yet to experience men. Hussadin tells he's different business partners with varied tastes. She tells judging from the conditions of his Devas who ended up at the Health Bureau, it seems him have a business partner who likes it a bit too rough. Hussadin tells there is this one friend who tends to get more than playful so it's unfortunate that he's his biggest client. She tells she isn't at all concerned about the petty lives of a few priestesses. But she does worry for him reputation that gets put to risk by such petty lives. Hussadin is very angry when he returns to his mansion, because she pressured him. So he'll show her what rough is.

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Denma with NAVER WEBTOON Edit

Unit 100

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Default skin (Lv 1, 4 stars ~ Lv 30, 6 stars)


Screenshot 2017-04-13-15-43-59

Growth skin (Lv 1, 7 stars ~ Lv 45, 7 stars)

Fire attribute

Vitality 36928
Damage 1090
Critical Damage 130%

Lv 45, 7 stars

Icon Level Name Cooldown Description
Blow after blow 7 Blow after blow Passive During a basic attack, the blow after blow is triggered stochastically.
Femme fatale 4 Femme fatale 8' Agnes creates a shield that is proportional to her maximum vitality for all her allies, including herself.
Mother Madonna's miracle 4 Mother Madonna's miracle 33' By the Mother Madonna's miracle one last dead character is resurrected.
Confusion 4 Confusion Passive The character makes one enemy character that attacked every cooldown as a captive of love and fights with the enemy.
Hidden Characteristic - (Hidden Characteristic) Resurrection Passive Character will be resurrected once in death.
  • Character Description

Beginning with Deva, she's a prominent figure who even reached the Bishop at a young age. She make the alliance with the Duke of Gosan family at 2 generations.

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In Denma with NAVER WEBTOON, Agnes is playable character. As a matter of fact, since she before becoming a Bishop, it's unknown whether she's wears an eye patch or not.

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Main images



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Deva Agnes skin

Additional stat: vitality 20%

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