Aaron (아론, Aron) is a character in Denma.

Aron is old English version's name.

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He's an old man of Devarims.

In Volume 9, it's revealed that the Duke Gosan and the Count El are entering the preparations for war in the supremacy of the universe eight, and El's butler, Hazz draws the old White Police Guards that were forsaken by Gosan, and Cain who's El's son, holds hands with the Church of Madonna, however, the situation flows in a strange direction, because Gosan is shot by his cousin who opposes the war of the two families, so he falls down. And in the meantime, Denma wanders through Kuan's Fridge, discovering the secret that Silverquick has hidden, and they prophesy the emergence of a new dark lord after the war.

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20 years 1 month ago Edit

In (78), Hades and prisoners including Haaken comes to an illegal underground clinic run by Devarim. The prisoners play the rock-paper-scissors game and the Bomb guy decides to have surgery first. A Devarim says he doesn't anesthetize, because he tried it a few times but they never woke up. Blue skin says they should hurry because the signal device will be detected by the Internal Affairs' network so they'll be swarming in soon. He eats tofu with drink and asks where're Hades going. Hades answers he already know and says if he say this, the Security Department or the Internal Affairs who can read memories. He says he's the one who's going to be interrogated. Hades says his cube was broken, and he says there's no such thing as an unbreakable tech. Hades asks how do he fight against guys with Accelerating abilities, and he answers his cube got broken so get them some sleeping pills and shoot them bang. At this time, a baby is crying so he says to Jungkyu that Mirai is up and he says he's in the middle of performing surgery. Hades finds he's having tofu with his drinks, so he asks did he see him in his dream or something. He answers Hades is being so sensitive and there're plenty of guys who know about that. He thinks a dream that he couldn't understand so he think he'll see Hades, neither alive nor dead sometime in the far future, so he wonders how he'll look.

Jungkyu finds something in Hades' head and calls to him. He says there're the Roots, a rooted signal device and it's fully grown, and it's all over his brain so he asks when did this get implanted. Hades answers that he doesn't know and he started headache since they escaped. He sees the manufactured serial number and calls to Chul and asks who bought him Roots, and he told him not to sell it to everyone. Chul answers that one of the Holy Madonna's Guardian priests bought the Roots. Hades says that guy who can accelerate. He's weird that if the Guardian priest caught using something like the Roots even the Deva in charge will be penalized, so he wonders why would he do this, and he asks Chul did recommend this. Chul answers that the Guardian priest bought a few other illegal things like it. He says he want Chul to wipe out his place clean and hide somewhere for a while because he need to put out all uncertainties before they make big deals this year, so he report this Roots thing to the Space Patrols so that they can crack down on the illegal weapons trades, and this way they'll be so tired by the end of this year, and should loosen up more by then so the trades will be safer, and they can do this by sacrificing a Guardian priest and a Deva. At this time, Blue skin shivers his hand and detects incoming Quanxs, the pursuit team.

The Internal Affairs agents arrive at an illegal underground clinic which have removed prisoners' tracer. The Director of Internal Affairs orders to read his memory who's knows where Hades'. An Internal Affairs agent says if he see inside a Devarim's head all his brain nerves will be overloaded and burned. Balack beats to him, so he says he'll tell him everything.

He says to corporal of Patrol that the Internal Affairs Department agents have come where he's. A Patrol calls to corporal of Patrol that it's Roots. Corporal of Patrol says Church of Madonna's Guardian priest bought Roots, and he asks who sold this. He answers that he's Chul, his full name is Bongchul Goo. Corporal of Patrol says the security law of U.C.S. make it illegal to produce illegal weapons and just make the trade is illegal. He says Balack beat him up, who's one of the 3 crazy dogs of the church. Corporal of Patrol takes a sneer at crazy dog. And corporal of Patrol calls to Lee Kyu and he says he want him to handle Roots. Corporal of Patrol says to him that when Patrols wake up and look in the mirror in the morning sometimes they feel like they're not looking at themselves, and they get more and more like the monsters that they deal with, and they're the crazy dogs that beat up those crazy dogs. Corporal of Patrol says especially Lee Kyu is one of these, so the priest that bought the Roots, he's very unlucky.

10 months ago Edit

In Yael Road (7), Denma was lost consciousness while escaping from a collapsed building, he dreams that he speaks to himself, "You will never get out of there ever!"

20190511 183732

In Blackout (4), just 6 months earlier, at the end of war with Big Four who're El's soldiers, Jet says to Dike that he's going to meet him with his colleagues.

1 month ago Edit

In Savoy Gaal (2), Mirai shows him the Georg filter with Adam. He sees this and praises her.

His prodigy apprentice is Mirai Datsu.

Denma thinks that it's difficult to find his apprentices as a personal information address, so he has to find another place to meet Mirai Datsu.

In (24), Mirai Datsu sends a package to him through Goldwing, a courier company. Then she greets other Devarims, including him.

Current time Edit

Volume 8

In Kuan's Fridge (49) - Ch.580, an elder is angry and shouts to Scarlet hair that, he's just a priest. Scarlet hair shows elder to a hologram which is revealed that she met him, and he says he has confirmed that the granny have been hanging out with Devarims. The elder is embarrassed and says it's a misunderstanding, and she only did it as a part of her missionary work. Scarlet hair says the church want him to clean the elder up. Scarlet hair swallows the elder with his ability. He sees a hologram which is a panda flasher emoticon opens his trench coat. He calls and says to OBs that to thinks the box full of drugs was opened by the wrong guys, he gets that Kuan made the decision to minimize their casualties, including his death, the causality they predicted continues to go off course, because Ran of the causality's intervention is becoming more and more noticeable, and he keeps changing the incidents according to the church's plans, in order to stop his intervention, they need to add new conditions from other universes, in other words, they need being from other worlds to keep crossing over to the universe eight, so his calculation of causality becomes overloaded, and they can use the Intersecting Space, or Quanxs who can summon beings from other worlds, what they need to do right now is to get as many Quanxs with summoning power as possible, and dispatch them all throughout the universe eight. At this time, Ran smiles.

He says to OBs that their effort to secure a Summoner Quanx is hindered by the church from everywhere, but still they can't stop now, even though they know there'll be more meaningless sacrifices. Crescent moon calls him to professor, and he says that's not like him, and he asks that he does have any other reason to get the church's attention. He answers that they've to make it look like they're focusing on finding a Summoner Quanx, because he has found a new strategy, and Ran, the monster of causality, soon, he'll fry all the circuits in his head with overload.

Shaved ice seller says that's it for the report, and OBs should go back to the field. He says may OBs stay out of harm's way during their mission, and Shaved ice seller says may he stay away from tofu over them. They greet each other with "Phanta Rhei Devarim".

He wakes up from sleep and thinks something. At this time, 5 messages come to him. When he presses the hologram, the heads of Devarims' holograms appear in front of him. A head of Devarims who's wear Keffiyeh asks to him that he'd the dream too and what's this all about. A head of Devarims who's odd-eyed says to him that she doesn't think they've ever had a dream with such a huge scale, with so much turmoil. He says they can relax, and he just woke up, and he needs some time to think over the message. A head of Devarims who's fat says to him that the message was pretty much straightforward, and he asks what will become of their fate. He says the fat Devarim does even hear himself, and they're truly the words of the head of Devarims, and all the peace and comfort there much have blinded him, crushing his soul from within. The fat Devarim says that's not what he meant. He says it's enough, and they can't have Devarim's minds disturbed, and they'll carry on their discussion later. He and the other head of Devarims greet each other. He hangs up and he sees a package which is Mirai sent, and he thinks that child has seen the future much bigger than what the heads of Devarims have seen.

In front of the aquarium, OBs say that it looks like things have gone way out of their hands, and they'll know for sure when they see what he reacts to all this, whether they're on the right track or stumbled on an unexpected variable. He thinks he doesn't know, who this guy is that'll eventually possess the Devarims. At this time, Shaved ice seller calls to him. He says he'll meet the El family, but one condition, he and OBs get to choose the time and place to meet. Shaved ice seller says so this was all supposed to happen the meeting. He says this is totally unexpected because the dream's been acting up lately. Shaved ice seller asks that it's because of Ran. He says it's not and Ran's intervention wouldn't affect the dream as much, to be more specific, it's not the dream itself, it's because the Devarims can't understand what the message means, there are two figures that appear in the dream, after competition between the two, they both disappear, and at the same time, they get to exist in different forms, they exist, yet they don't, they don't exist, yet they do. Crescent moon says he doesn't get it, and asks that so what he's saying. He answers that the Devarims will fall under the guy's influence, someone who's a victor yet a loser, a loser yet a victor at the same time. Crescent moon angry and shouts that he can stop being so ambiguous, and he can just tell them who this guy is. He says he doesn't know, because the guy's image and the symbol somehow overlapped. Crescent moon says he has never seen him this confused about a dream. He says that is all he can tell OBs for now, but there's something the church is missing, Devarim's precognitive dreams far surpass the calculation of causality in the long run, if an incident is directly related to their future, it even shows them the variables from the outer space, and they can detect the wavelength of the entire universe, soon, whoever exited out the universe eight from the Intersecting Space will cross back over here, the one responsible for this chaotic image.

Hazz thinks the Devarim making such a long-term plan to stop the church body and its agenda, and that doesn't make any sense, and he doesn't believe them, but there's no one who can deny their foresight at the same time, then why they aren't notifying the council and taking the matters into their own hands, even taking the risk to smuggle out some drugs, but what he really should be wondering is what those fanatics are up to and what kind of vision they saw about that. At this time, Federick calls to Hazz and reports that he has a message for him from the Devarims, and they asked for a meeting, and a rather unexpected request, which is that they requested that they protect them about a hundred of them, to be exact. Hazz is surprised and asks that the Devarims protect from the church is correct. Federick answers that that's right, and also from the Gosan family. Hazz says this is getting way out of hand, and they don't want any unnecessary burden here, and his offer only started out of personal curiosity, nothing more. Federick reports that the Devarims also added that if Hazz find out what the church body is planning, he'll probably find his offer worthwhile.

Volume 9

In a bathtub, Hazz thinks the church and the Devarim are reaching out to them at the same time, and it's funny, and seeing as it was his personal curiosity that led to such an unexpected turn of events, and it'll it come to a point where he has to decide one of the two. Hazz calls to Federick and orders that he should bring this so-called head of the Devarims over here, now, alright, he got his attention, and if he was just screwing with him, he has another thing coming.

He eats tofu and holds commemorative ritual. There are three incense sticks. That means three people will soon die. Shaved ice seller grabs Federick by the collar and they teleport to in front of him. Shaved ice seller angry and says to Federick that he think he can get past them and just teleport to anywhere he want. He says to Federick that it's okay, and he has been expecting him. Federick says he's sorry, and Master Hazz regarded it as an urgent matter, and he can please execute his abrupt visit. Shaved ice seller sees something and surprised. He says it's better to meet as soon as possible to ensure the safety of their kind. Glyph of forehead, Federick and White man are facing OBs. Federick says he told OBs that he's only here to lift the burden off his shoulders. Crescent moon says El's Five Fingers belittled them, and they'd be pissed off too if they were on their shoes. Federick says OBs' boss asked them to protect a hundred of their people, and they'd to move quickly. Hazz meets him. Hazz says he's ready to listen, and he asks that he can tell him about the church body's plan that he has prepared for all along.

Shaved ice seller is depressed, when after he brought him. Shaved ice seller says he was eating tofu and there were three incenses, so he thinks it's their turns now, and he didn't look him in the eyes, and it means they'll die. Hazz is surprised because he heard the church's plan. He says if Hazz can't trust him, he can feel free to go through the memories of their Quanxs, that's why he asked him for protection. At an outdoor cafe, OBs drink something. Shaved ice seller says it's not like they can do much about it. Crescent moon says this doesn't make any sense, after all that they've done for the Devarims, he should've at least mentioned it to them. Shaved ice seller says that wouldn't make any difference, and the Devarims' prophecy of death has never been wrong. Crescent moon shouts that there has to be something they can do, and they can't just sit here and wait to die. At this time, Lot appears and tries to bring Crescent moon and Green guy because Hazz was told him to bring two of them. Hazz orders Mori to read the memories of those two Quanxs over there, and he should see if there's anything related to the church and what the Devarims said about it. Lot says Crescent moon can relax, and it was his boss who suggested this, and they just need to check something with their memories real quick, so he just relax, and this won't take long. Mori reads Crescent moon's memory through his hairs. Crescent moon calls and shouts to him, because he doesn't look him in the eyes. Crescent moon shouts he'd tofu, and three incenses were exist, so he asks that if they gonna die.

He calls to Shaved ice seller. He says he didn't even get a chance to thank to three, so it's true they're going to, and after he woke up from his dream, he kept thinking about how he should thank them for all their hard work so far, in the end, this message is all he could give them, their memories together in the universe eight let's remember it forever. Mori transfers Crescent moon and Green guy's memory to Hazz, through his hair. Mori says the contents from those two Quanxs' memories, they match exactly the same from different angles. Hazz is surprised to see the memories. Hazz appears and says first of all, he's sorry and he would like the managers to take care of one thing before they leave, and starting today, they should take all the special profits they've shared with the Gosan family out of the account book, they're gonna apply them the same rules as the other companies, and exactly, as of today, they'll put an end to the subordinate relationship with the Gosan family, and they, the El's, are gonna stand up for themselves in the universe eight from now on, and they should write off all the debts of the Hyper-Quanxs who're free of contract with the Gosan's, and pay them double their original paycheck to sign a contract with them, because they'll buy off all the old White Police Guards.

Shaved ice seller says their memories together in the universe eight and he'll remember it forever. Crescent moon says they're gonna die soon, and asks that's the best he can say to them. Green guy says that he made it quite specific, and he told them that the church body is interfering with their attempt to recruit Quanxs with summoning ability. Crescent moon says they knew it was a worthless sacrifice, but they needed a diversion anyway. Shaved ice seller says he told them that he found a new strategy. Green guy says that's why they were gonna overload the causality monster of the church body. Shaved ice seller says he didn't give them a death sentence, and he just gave them a new mission, which is the last mission in the universe eight, the Intersecting Space, that's how they'll get out of this universe.

He calls the heads of Devarims. He says each team must round up twenty men including themselves right now, and the El's will come pick them up soon, and he'll see them in a bit. He and the heads of Devarims greet each other, and Hazz sees this. He gives a bow and thanks for Hazz that he accepting their request so he saved their lives. Hazz says it's only right they protect Devarims with a righteous will. Hazz orders to El's Five Fingers that they should head over to their designated area, and bring all the Devarims safely. He says he was wondering if he can express his gratitude to the Count personally. Hazz says as soon as the other Devarims get here, and he can impart his wisdom when he see the Count. He says the Count will be the new owner of the universe eight, and he doesn't think he'll need his advice. Hazz says he likes that, and the Count is always so humble and he wants him to tell him those exact same words he just said.

The Devarims arrive at the El family. He makes a deep bow to El, and says he saved the Devarims' lives. El says the El family is glad the Devarims are here, and he feels their uncertain future being all the more certain with their presence, and it's them who should thank him, so please let them know if he need anything while he's here, and anything, they'll do their best to accommodate. He says ever so merciful as the true master of the universe eight, and the Devarims will also do their best if there's anything they could do to help.

El sees the Devarims include Keffiyeh Devarim, he, Odd-eyed Devarim and Permed Devarim. El calls Hazz and says if there's one thing he knows about the church, it's that they're too ruthless, how could they do such a thing, the Space disease was their doing, and it doesn't end there.

He calls to Marvin. He sees some Kuan's Fridge's keys, and thinks that this will do. He asks to Marvin and Ayn that he need to deliver something to Cain so he can request his audience.

20190607 134925

He appears. Marvin calls to Cain that he wishes to speak with him.

Cain says that's all right, and Marvin should send him over now. Hazz orders that before Marvin leave office today, he wants him to report to him every single word that went between he and Cain. He meets Cain and Marvin, and he gives him to a key. He says it's a token of appreciation, if he'll, for taking the Devarims in, and it's one of the keys to Kuan's Fridge, an object Quanx in planet Moab. Cain asks to him that why exactly he's giving the key to him.

He says he can forgive his curiosity, and asks that does here not have "The box of immorality" that has been handed down for generations. Cain says the box of immorality is just a made-up hokum, those filthy middle class folks really need to get a life. He suddenly kneels and says in all those years of managing here, Hazz made sure the Young Master didn't get his hands dirty, and this is the moment he witness his vision firsthand, he truly is a remarkable man. Cain angry and shouts to him that if he's gonna praise that bastard in front of him, he should get out now. He says any noble family running a renowned business in this universe is bond to have a box of immorality of their own, it's a place where they deal with conspiracies, conflicts, and betrayal that might arise during business, and a place where they can get rid of anything troublesome without a trace, ever since the Space Patrol started hiring Quanx agents, the nobles needed a safer box of immorality, and they began using object Quanxs for this. Cain grabs him by the collar, and says they provided him with a shelter, and that wasn't enough for him, and he'd dare try to bite their throats, and he sees where this is going, and he's trying to get him involved with that box of immorality or whatever, and use it as a leverage against them, and that's not gonna happen, and this isn't the first time he has met hustlers like him. He says the peace and order of this universe isn't the Devarims concern, and the force that drives this universe is imbalance, there can be no such thing as equality, and the only thing that drives them is their own survival and wellbeing, and it's true they foresee the future, which is why they chose here as their refuge, like he said, that key is by no means anything other than a token of their gratitude. Marvin sees this. Cain throws him and says that he foresaw the future and chose here, and he asks that does he even know what's gonna happen to him. He says that's right and he's well aware, and Mr. Hazz will hand the Devarims over to the church body, but they return here again. Cain says to him that he'll take the gift, then he has a few questions for him.

Cain says to him that but he said the future is already fixed, then what's there to choose, and he asks that it'll go against the causality, and he thought a butterfly's flapping can cause a tornado and whatnot. He explains that, here's let's suppose this palm is a universe, the members of this universe have a so-called free will and live on with their busy lives, and let's say they've to go from the bottom of the palm to the end of the fingertip to ensure more comfortable lives, some of them will be lucky enough to achieve their goal without much difficulty at the crossroads of choices, others will take a detour and give up exhausted, or even fall out of the palm for good, in order to reach the fingertip, the Devarims always have to make choices, that's the fate of the beings on the palm just like them, if there's a greater over them, just as how humans look at ants on their palm, what would the journey to the fingertip be like to him, for the greater being, the journey to here will be finished the moment it starts, whereas the little ones still have a long way left to go. He says that in this sense, this universe has already ended the moment it started, and they're just busy chasing after that course of actions in their own timelines, the greater being, this is the predetermined future, this is what Devarims see in their dreams, abiding by the causality means to make choices that will ensure their survival, within that predetermined future, the El family becoming the new master of the universe eight, that's the future Devarims saw. Cain asks to him that is he saying that whatever decisions he makes the El family's future won't change. He answers that to be exact, every decision Cain makes is within the causality of the El family becoming the new master of this universe. Cain asks that even when the decision is to hunt down the bastard who shat all over his front porch, and teach him a lesson. He answers that that's right, and if it's carried out, that action will be within the causality, once inside an object Quanx like Kuan's Fridge, it even blocks the Quantum communication, once the door is shut, no Hyper-Quanx can teleport in or out. Marvin watches this. Cain says that he'll be dammed, and he says to him that he'll be honest with him, and he actually like this plan of Hazz's, to hand him over to the church, he means, now he'll make him a promise, if the El family get what they want from this deal with the church, he promise him he'll get him all back here, whatever it takes, and thanks for the gift.

Marvin lies to Hazz that he only just said thanks and nothing more. Hazz asks to Marvin that didn't he does request or proposal of any kind to Master Cain and he asks that is it right when he just said thank him and that was it. Marvin answers that he said he couldn't thank Master Cain earlier. Hazz asks that did Master Cain tell Marvin to keep him in the dark. Marvin bends his waist forward to Hazz and says that he can get Mori in here and check his memories if he'd like, here go ahead. Hazz hit to middle of Marvin's head.

A person calls the Director of Pax Industries on the telephone. The Director of Pax Industries hangs up. The person calls Mayhen on the telephone. Marvin communicates a message to Mayhen. Mayhen opens door and says to the Director of Pax Industries that an urgent message from the El's. The Director of Pax Industries lights up a cigarette. Mayhen says that the orientation for the old White Police Guards and he encouraged Cain to get even with them. The Director of Pax Industries asks that what about Hazz, and did he agree to that. Mayhen answers that as a matter of fact, the spy was let in the dark to prevent such mishap. The Director of Pax Industries says that's right, although he knows for a fact that Hazz would never agree to do something so stupid, but if he helps Cain with his little vendetta, it'll be a tough fight for them, and he's a damn good tactician, someone who he'd want on their side, unfortunately, as long as he's on their side, he's the first on their list to get rid of. The Director of Pax Industries taps a Causality Calculator. The Director of Pax Industries asks that under these circumstances, what should they offer the El's, a hand and a fist or both.

Someone knocks the door. Lot shouts that he told Gaya that he's tired today so she should go to sleep. He appears. Lot says to him that he doesn't need his apology, and he just shut the door behind him. Lot sees him who's hold a red package, and he's surprised that who the hell is he. He kneels and says that he's the head of the Devarims, and he's currently under Master El's protection. Lot shouts to him that it's way past visiting hours for men now, and he's trying to sleep here, so he should get the hell out. He says that he, the mightiest Quanx of the universe eight the god of war of the White Police Guards. Lot answers to him that, that's all him, and he asks that what brings he here at this late hour. He gives red package to Lot and says that he has an urgent favor to ask of him, he hopes he'll forgive the intrusion. Lot says that it's obviously not for him. Lot takes a ball and says that it seems like a quail egg. The ball vibrates. Lot says to him that he can make this much vibration without any equipment, and they don't need the ball, and now he should get lost. He says to Lot that he needs him to pass along that ball to a friend he'll meet very soon. Lot angry and shouts to him that he's not his goddamn messenger. Lot says that the ball is a brainwave resonator specially designed for Quantum Communication. Lot throws a package and shouts to him that what does he want him to do with it, and he can just order a courier service. He says to Lot that if he doesn't take this job himself, his family in his home planet, they'll all die, and for the sake of them, he must take this job, and there's an object Quanx in planet Moab called the "Kuan's Fridge", the package must be delivered inside there, and the recipient who's presumably inside the very fridge is the test subject of the church body's project.

Lot puts the Quantum Resonator in the box. Lot says to him that if anything happens to his family, he'll wipe off all the Devarims, now beat it. He leaves the room. Lot calls to him that he should come back here. He says to him that he's just gonna yell at him again, and from the looks of it, he'll probably hit him too, and they both know he'll eventually do as he say. Lot crushes the walls with his bare hands and says to him that he said let's talk, so he can comes here.

He tells to Lot that he has to go through all that trouble, deliver that toy, and tell the recipient exactly what he just said. Lot says to him that, that sounds like a lot of work, but more importantly, it's pissing him off, and he asks that why does he has to listen to a hustler goat who threatens him along with his family, and he even said he see the future, how does he know he's not bullshitting him right now. He says that for him, it may be his family that's at stake here, but for the Devarims, it's their entire race. Lot says to him that doesn't appeal to him, and he doesn't give a damn what happens to his race, and his family's safety is all that matters to him, if anything happens to them, anything, he'll kill every last one of him for foreseeing it. Lot sees the red package, and says that he was already in a shitty mood because of that Gosan's mutt who just refused to stay in pieces, and now this goat just sealed the nail on the coffin, and he should really visit a slaughterhouse or something to vent out all this anger. Lot asks to him that how does he read this. He answers that it's Mirai, for the Devarims, she was like a gift from the god.

Lot throws boxes and finds Denma. Lot says to Denma that he should put the gun away because he won't hurt him, and he has a package for him from the head of the Devarims. Denma reads the words in the Red, and thinks that Mirai gave this to him. Lot tells to Denma that old man said that the package must be delivered inside of this object Quanx for safety reasons, even Quanxs who can read memories won't know what happened in here, and the device is called a Quantum Resonator, and he said that the escape plan he and his friends are working on coincides with the causality of the Devarims, and its targets two people, one is he, and he heard him exchangers can hide object somewhere in his abilities, and he wanted him to hide it before he leave to Kuan's Fridge, the activation word is 'Panta Rhei' and if he want to deactivate it, say 'My red blushing face proves that.' Lot shouts that words are cutesy lyric. Denma thinks that it's clearly that he would've said, so maybe he's the head of the Devarims. Lot tells to Denma that after that, he'll find the other him. Denma asks to Lot that who's the other him. Lot answers to Denma that he doesn't know because he's just a messenger here, and the second use of the Resonator is up to the other him, and he said that it's the only way. Lot tells to Denma that the second target that'll put the Resonator in his skill is something.

Lot says to Denma that he isn't Kuan's Fridge to catch him, and he'll leaving if he doesn't have any questions. Denma asks to Lot that how is he supposed to activate the device and what will happen to this body when he does. Lot answers to Denma that this thing is for him to experience himself and as for when, he use it when he can't use his Quanx skill, at least, that's what he heard. Denma asks to Lot that when he can't use his Quanx skill and maybe it means to self-destruct. Lot answers to Denma that he also said that it isn't a bomb so he doesn't has to worry. Denma thinks that if the red guy isn't in the fridge to catch him, there's no reason not to trust him, and he sending him the device Mirai made, it sounds plausible enough. Lot says to Denma that he'll be get out to the fridge. Denma shouts to Lot that he can take him with because he's trapped in this place. Lot says to Denma that he didn't say anything about taking him out of the fridge, but he'll does it. Lot takes Denma to the entrance of Kuan's Fridge. Denma asks to Lot that the Devarims asked that bastard El for protection. Lot says to Denma that he has a potty mouth, so if he doesn't address El as Count, he'll ditching him here. Denma says to Lot that he's a proud citizen just like Count El. Lot says to Denma that they'll leaving, so he can get the device into his skull. Denma thinks that it doesn't matter if he trust this guy or not, and if it's like what he said, he shouldn't have problems with his skills for now, the area in the skull the exchangers usually use is the maxillary antrum of the four paranasal sinuses, and this is the first time attempting it in this kid's body, and his nose will bleed if the size isn't right, and he gotta exchange the thing with the air he breathe in, slowly, easy does it. Denma puts Quantum Resonator into his skull by his Quanx ability. Lot says to Denma that he almost forget the words so he tells that the second one that will use that Resonator is someone. Denma sheds a nosebleed.

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Denma with NAVER WEBTOON Edit

Unit 110

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Default skin (Lv 1, 4 stars ~ Lv 30, 6 stars)


Screenshot 2018-10-31-17-22-59

Growth skin (Lv 1, 7 stars ~ Lv 45, 7 stars)

Water attribute

Vitality 29632
Damage 658
Critical Damage 130%

Lv 45, 7 stars

Icon Level Name Cooldown Description
Increased critical hit 7 Increased critical hit Passive Increases character's critical rate.
Future prognosis 4 Future prognosis 12' For the duration of the future prognosis continues, the character becomes immune to crowd control.
Causality overload 4 Causality overload 20' Through the causality overload causes an unexpected explosion, causing damage to nearby enemies. When the character is overloading the causality, it isn't affected by damage, and the becomes immune to crowd control.
Hidden Characteristic - (Hidden Characteristic) Avoid Passive Avoids enemy attacks with a certain probability.
  • Character Description

He's one of the head of Devarims. He's a man with a very deep plan, unlike a lightly visible deed.

In Denma with NAVER WEBTOON, Aaron is a playable character.

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