A Dog of Pamana (파마나의 개, Pamanaui gae) is the first episode of Denma.

Summary Edit

In this episode, the planets Pamana, Urano, Terra, and Thesis are revealed.

This is Pamana (파마나, Pamana). Not Panama (파나마, Panama). There is a typo in the subject of site address.

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Chs. Edit

Chs. Part Original date Japanese date English date Chinese date
Ch.1 1 January 8, 2010 December 7, 2011 Old version: October 13, 2013
New version: January 7, 2017
Simplified Chinese characters: July 1, 2014
Traditional Chinese characters: July 24, 2014
Ch.2 2 January 10, 2010 ? Old version: 2013
Ch.3 3 January 11, 2010 ?
Ch.4 4 January 15, 2010 ?

Characters Edit

  1. Max (dog) (debut)
  2. Denma (debut)
  3. Cell (debut)
  4. Quai (debut)
  5. Dike (debut)
  6. Savoy of Urano
  7. Some woman (debut)
  8. Guyrin (mention)
  9. Jinu
  10. Jinu's son
  11. Mclight
  12. Joanne

Quanx abilities used Edit

Quotes Edit

Old English version's lines Edit

This is the old English version's lines

Denma: Geeez!

Octopus: Master! Master Denma!

Hedgehog thingy: Yelp Yelp

Denma: Gosh! Who said it's empty? Is that hostile hedgehog thingy what caused the short circuit 'Denma... is the name that Silverquick, the thieves, gave me after putting my soul into this little boy's body! I can't believe that I'm being chased by that ridiculous toy. Just about 6 months ago...'

Grasp Torn

Dyke: You really thought that you could catch me with this thing?

Savoy of Urano: P...please. I have a family to take care of.

Dyke: Lick your lips before you lie.

Savoy of Urano: Pshaw!

Psshook Thump

Dyke: A family? Where did you pick up that line? You mean the dregs of Savoy? Huh? I'm Dyke! The grim reaper with no mercy! I'm out of your league. If you wanna catch me, you need to bring at least Hyper Quanx!

Whack Whack

Dyke: Pah! Such idiots!

Denma: 'Only 6 months ago, I was the No.1 target for bounty hunters on the planet Urano!'


Some woman: Working 5 years with us will pay your debts off.

Denma: 'That chick must have drugged me. That day, I had a tough day as usual. I told my whole story to her whom I just had met at the bar. The drugs must have taken me.'

Dyke: What? Pay off my debts?

Denma: 'Well-matched with my reputation at the time, I was suffering from my gambling debts... But, this girl...'

Some woman: What do you think?

Denma: 'Looks like her.'

Some woman: Eh? Sign up.

Denma: 'G...Guyrin?'

Beep Thud

Some woman: Okay! This contract between you and the company is valid from now on!

Dyke: ...Company? Contract? What... What company?

Some woman: We're Silverquick, the space delivery company. We're quick, accurate. and safe.


Denma: 'What a nonsense! A delivery company? What's more... When I woke up, my soul was transferred to a 12-year-old boy suffering from general paralysis. They call it Neuro scanning or something. Whatever the heck It is, why should I be doing this! I'm the strongest villain but trapped in a little boy's body... I'm what they call a "Quanx" A Quanx is a person with supernatural power which can't be explained by law of physics. I was able to become notorious because of my power.'


Denma: 'I was born with... This power...'

Ps-hook Pssshook Thump

Denma: 'Equivalent Mass Substitution!'

Huff Puff

Denma: 'I can replace anything with things in my hand as long as I know its coordinates.'

Hedgehog thingy: Yelp Yelp

Octopus: Master Denma!

Rabbit: Arrrggh...

Little person: 血 (blood)

Octopus: Disinfect! Disinfect!

Lick Lick

Denma: Contract? 5 years? No way! Who says that? Silverquick! You bastards! You wait! When I get my body you stole from me...

Rabbit: Nyah-ha-nyah... All right. All right.

Little person: 笑 (laugh)

Denma: 'The client of this case is Jinu, who moved from the planet Pamana to the planet Tera 20 years ago. A few days ago, he got an unpaid electricity bill from the Pamana electricity company. It says that the amount of electricity bill charged for the past 20 years has just exceeded the price of the property in Pamana. He got perplexed and asked us to remove the cause of the short circuit with the portable EMP bomb.

EMP bomb: A bomb that destroys only electronic equipment using strong electromagnetic wave pulse. Buildings and houses are safe as it does not explode like an ordinary bomb.

Denma: '...So I went there and got attacked by this hedgehog thingy.'


Denma: Ugh! You made a scratch on me? How dare you! Huh?

Bam Hiss Sss

Denma: OMG! What the heck is it?

Baulk Krrrrr

Denma: You smarty-pants! What was that? You should have checked thoroughly before we went.

Octopus: I will scan the inside you need treatment. Please come back to the main ship.

Little person: 痛 (pain)

Denma: Cell, you little thing! I'll scrap you as soon as we get there.

Octopus: Nyah-ha-nyah...

Denma: Eh? Where is that scrap metal we met earlier?

Octopus: Now, going into the living room.

Denma: !

Cell: Pardon?

Jinu: That skeleton... He was my father. What's that thing next to my father? Is that the reason for the bill?

Cell: Any idea what it is?

Jinu: He... had a pet dog called Max. It didn't look hideous like that, though... Anyway, if it's the problem just get rid of it please. Then...

Cell: ..........

Denma: Well... When old and useless, everything is left out.

Little person: 藥 (medicine)

Cell: But he was his father. How can he say things like that?

Little person: 喜 (pleasure)

Denma: Ouch...! Hech! All you do is apply an antiseptic to my wound. How dare you...

Cell: Aw...

Denma: Just shut up and bring the coordinates for the EMP bomb and the image of living room! I don't want to put either the skull or the hedgehog thingy on my hand! Okay! That little box will work.


Denma: Eh? There's something in this box. An old type of memory card and a player... I see! This must be the old man's secret collection...

Little person: ?

Cell: I-I don't want to see such thing!

Octopus: Yes, it's the report. We also found that box there. You should take a look at it...

Jinu's son: Dad, come on! It begins now.

Jinu: Thank you. Anyway.

Denma: Hey mister! I know it's none of my business. But you've gone too far. I bought it for you. You should at least open it...

Jinu: .......

Denma: Are you that perfect?

Jinu: What?

Denma: Are you perfect as a father?

TV announcer: Wow, it's perfect! Flawless performance! No wonder she's...

Jinu: 'That cocky kid...'


Jinu's father: Cough Cough