A Catnap (a catnap) is the Chapter 2's first episode of Denma.

This is the first translated episode of Chinese versions (Simplified Chinese characters version), because Traditional Chinese characters version is hibernated on July 16, 2017.

Update days of Simplified Chinese characters version was Thursday and Sunday, but in June 1, 2018, it has been changed to a weekly series on Friday. So on August 8, 2018, the English version caught up with this.

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In Volume 6, it's revealed that this is deals with the birth of "Yahwah", the ruler of Silverquick, and many foreshadows are clarified and foreshadows are blown again. In particular, Rami and Guardian priest Abigail came to the show and showed a skill of god who attracted and finished the author's previous work which was unfortunately ended.

A catnap 2

In Volume 7, it's revealed that this section is a lot more clarification of the foreshadows and the foreshadows are blowing again. Deals with the birth (?) of ‘Yahwah’, the ruler of Silverquick. And Gosan family and White Police Guards revealed its appearance. In particular, Rami and Guardian priest Abigail came to the show and showed a skill of god who attracted and finished the author's previous work which was unfortunately ended.

Author's previous work which was unfortunately ended is 『Iron Dog John Doe』 (1998) and 『Rami Record』 (2008). Therefore, the terminologies used there also appear, such as Intersecting Space, Palace. The rest are in the Church of Madonna article.

The story is very complicated. First Top comment There're several small timelines in this episode.

1. Hades' first escape

2. Since Hades was arrested

3. Hades' second escape

And there're several lines in here.

1) Church of Madonna

Rami's family


⑶ Bishops and Ran

Internal Affairs

Security Department, include Mole face

Agnes and Abigail, June, other Guardian priests.

Some of these're merge, revise, and a new thing is born.

⑴ + ⑵ Hades and prisoners, include Haaken + ⑷ + ⑸ + Abigail, 2) Duke's family (Gosan family) 3) El and Dike's father 4) Devarim 5) Patrols include Lee Kyu.

Eventually, based on A.E., these lines are left at the end.

1) Church of Madonna


⑵ Bishops who're Kanu, Manager Bishop and Ran

Internal Affairs

Security Department

Abigail, Abigail from the universe seven, Eugene, Mole face

Agnes and June, other Guardian priests

2) Duke's family (Gosan family)

3) El family

Hazz and White Police Guards (Federick)

Kaiser Heubing, Haaken, and Wolves' Den

4) Silverquick include Denma

It has (Eastern) Church of Madonna (Internal Affairs, Security Department, Command Center), Gaia, Aorica, Urano as its background.

Here're the fan arts. link

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Characters Edit

  1. Yahwah
  2. Soy
  3. Rami
  4. Jay
  5. Hades (debut)
  6. Internal Affairs member
  7. Gatsu
  8. Kanu
  9. Chief of Security Department
  10. Max
  11. Balak
  12. Agnes
  13. Red hair
  14. Abigail
  15. Scar face
  16. June
  17. Ran
  18. Gray marks
  19. Yellow green
  20. Yellow hair
  21. Monkey guy
  22. Mole Face (debut)
  23. Black hair
  24. Monk Franco
  25. Rami's friend
  26. Tomoda (mention)
  27. Kanu's Guardian priest
  28. Purple skin
  29. Brown hair
  30. Tear
  31. Purple hair
  32. Horned nose
  33. Mayhen (debut)
  34. White hair
  35. Duke (debut)
  36. Gosan
  37. Kaiser Heubing
  38. El
  39. Federick
  40. Blue skin
  41. Bomb guy
  42. Haaken (debut)
  43. Honma
  44. Director of Internal Affairs
  45. Jungkyu
  46. Aaron
  47. Mirai Datsu
  48. Head Bishop
  49. Gubongchul
  50. Abigail from the universe seven
  51. Gas Quanx
  52. Lee Kyu
  53. Duke's mom (mention)
  54. Director of Pax Industries
  55. Abigail's younger sister
  56. Guyrin
  57. Wine hair
  58. Dr. Kitten (debut)
  59. Yoon
  60. Eugene
  61. Ponytail
  62. Dark yellow skin
  63. Light yellow skin
  64. Half-Headed Quanx
  65. Man
  66. King of Aorica
  67. Lot
  68. Edrei
  69. Quai
  70. Cell
  71. Edrei's Eve
  72. Frog skin
  73. Head-Eye
  74. Jet
  75. Bon
  76. Denma
  77. Ivory hair
  78. Eunguy
  79. God
  80. Hazz (debut)
  81. Dike Heubing
  82. Rosa (mention)
  83. Daniel
  84. Abigail from the universe thirteen
  85. Devil dog
  86. Manager Bishop (debut)

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